Top 10 Reasons to Register and Vote

Many people do not vote in the elections. Some are not even registered voters due to lack of interest in the electoral process. It is a huge mistake. The people who get elected through ballot make crucial decisions in all aspects of your life and by not voting, you wastes the one chance of having a part in the selection of right people.


  • 1

    Your Duty

    It is both you duty as a citizen of a country to vote for countless reasons. If you do not vote, you waste a chance to have a say and do not fulfill your duty.

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  • 2

    Future of Children

    The policies made today will not only have effects today only but in future too. If you do not vote for yourself, vote for your children. They need your support in the form of vote.

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    Adults always know who is best to rule the country. If you want good governance, you must vote. Wasted votes such as yours can affect the outcome, which can be unfavourable.

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  • 4

    National Policies

    Policies need to be pertinent to current needs. Vote for people who will make the right policies to take on the current challenges.

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  • 5

    Financial Policies

    The new government will have its own financial preferences and will make its own policies. Vote for those who have the best policies for you.

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  • 6

    Domestic Laws

    There are many new domestic laws that are enacted at any given time. Vote for people who make better laws that benefit common people.

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  • 7

    National Interest

    Vote with an eye on the larger national interest. Make sure that the people who come to power also keep national interest above all matters.

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  • 8


    Vote for your rights and the rights of others. There are always rights that you deserve and to get them. Make sure that you vote for people who will get you those rights.

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  • 9


    Maintenance and addition of infrastructure is crucial. Vote for the people who will build the new and much needed infrastructure that will make the life better for all stakeholders.

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  • 10

    Your Money

    It’s your money, collected in form of taxes, that the government spends. Make sure that you have a say in who spends it and how by voting for those who share similar views.

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