Top 10 Tips for First Date

Whenever you are looking to start a new relationship, it is imperative to make a great impression on the first date. You do not want your date to regret going out with you, or shiver at the idea of spending alone time with you again. First impression is the last impression may not be hundred percent true, but it does have some validity to it, though only to an extent. There are certain dos and don’ts that should be kept in mind while going out with someone for the first time.


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    If you take your date out to dinner, you must pay the bill. While some women may not make a big deal about paying for themselves, you should not mention splitting the bill. Do not comment on the price of dishes either. Remember to leave a decent tip for the waiter.

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    Since it is your first date, you would want to spend time talking and knowing the other person. In such a scenario, taking her to movies is the worst move that you can possibly make. Both of you will be forced to sit quiet for most part of the date instead of communicating with each other.

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    Women love a well-mannered guy. Keep in mind that manners never go out of fashion. Things such as opening the car door for your date, holding the chair for her at the restaurant, getting seated after she sits, etc. will make you come off as a gentleman and women love gentlemen. Also remember to be punctual as women hate waiting.

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    Keep in mind that you are dating to gauge compatibility, not get something in return for paying the bill at the restaurant or being a gentleman. Do not expect anything in return for all that you do on your first date. Just concentrate on making a good impression.

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    Take charge and let the confidence ooze out of everything you say or do. No matter what happens, do not let the thought that you are not good enough cross your mind while you are around your date.

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    Remember to take a shower, shampoo your hair, wear cologne and dress up nicely for your date. Avoid wearing anything formal, unless you are going to a restaurant where formal attire is a norm. If it is just a normal evening date, wear something casual like jeans and a t-shirt.

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    Do not keep talking about yourself and your achievements on your first date. Give your date plenty of time to talk and show interest in whatever it is that she is talking about. Do not mention your past dates at all.

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    Do not let the first date go on for too long. If the date lasts for too long, there is a huge risk of it becoming boring.

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    Women love gifts, which is why you should seriously consider giving your date a gift the first time you take her out. Do not go for anything expensive. Instead, buy something that does not cost much, but is pretty meaningful.

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    After you drop your date at her house and get home, text or call her to tell her that you had a great time. She would definitely want to know what you think about her. Be honest with her. If you did not enjoy your time with her, there is no point in leading her on.

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