Top 10 Ways to Keep yourself Healthy

“The greatest wealth is,” well said by Virgil –great ancient Roman poet. Good health is a blessing that brings mental attentiveness and longevity. So you need to concentrate on your body, environment, and food to keep yourself healthy all the time. Researches finally show that a healthy individual can much more productive than many normal or weak peoples.

Your health is your strength to do anything in life. Be it giving wings to your dream, fulfilling your responsibilities towards personal and professional life or simply hanging out with friends, it all starts with your good health.

Take a good care of your health, not to please others but yourself. It is not a difficult task as all where you just have to learn about the top ten ways to keep yourself healthy.


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    Eat Right – Balanced Diet

    Balanced diet play vital role in keeping yourself healthy. This simple and use concept focuses on “Eating the right type of foods in right quantity.” Balanced diet contains the body’s required ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, water, fibers and supplements. Balanced diet keeps you in good physical shape, keeps weight under control, prevents various diseases and infections, stimulated growth rate and keeps your mentally fit. Here is a Healthy Balanced Diet Plan for you.

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    Exercise on a regular basis

    Regular exercise is extremely important to stay healthy. At least one hour’s exercise is must to stay in good physical shape. Daily workouts stimulate the metabolism process and, therefore, help in digestion and keeping cholesterol level under control. If you cannot afford gym or an instructor, consider simple exercises like walking, running, jumping, pushups, pull-ups, aerobic, dance, yoga, jogging, swimming and cycling etc.

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    Drink Water to Stay Hydrated

    Drinking a healthy amount (10 to 12 glasses) of water per day is very important to your health. Proper intake of water helps in boosting metabolism process, protecting vital organs, regulating body temperature, overcoming migraine pain, absorbing useful nutrients, and transportation of oxygen etc.   Moreover, water is the best natural remedy for all types of skin issues.

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    Get enough and proper sleep

    There is no alternative to a peaceful and soothing sleep. You can never imagine just by sleeping for 7 to 8 hours, you can enjoy peaceful life, mental relaxation, glowing skin and a healthy life. Proper sleep helps your mind and body to recover from hectic and tiring day.

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    No Alcohol and Drugs

    Alcoholic beverages and drugs are extremely harmful to health. They decrease the longevity of your life and give birth to many serious health issues, including kidney, mental, lungs and respiratory problems etc. an addition to drugs and alcoholic drinks disrupt body’s absorption of useful nutrients and metabolism process. In severe cases, the addicted people don’t even take time in killing themselves. So say NO to alcohol and drugs for a healthy life. Learn How to Have Fun without Drugs and Alcohol and enjoy a useful and productive life.

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    Stop Smoking for a Healthy Life

    Smoking, known as the silent assassin, is far worse than alcohol and drugs as the harmful fumes of cigarette badly affects the people in your social circle, who inhale it. Smoking destroys your lungs, develops mouth ulcers or cancers, decays teeth, and prolongs cough, phlegm and wheezing etc. in short, smoking KILLS. So quit smoking today and start looking better tomorrow in the form of a healthy life. Learn How to Quit Smoking Habit.

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  • 7

    Manage Stress

    Tensions and stressful situations are a common part of life. You cannot avoid them. However, you can at least make efforts to reduce stress. Try your best to manage your stress before it reduces your life span. Mental stress can greatly affect your health and productivity. It badly affects you hormonal balance and body’s metabolism process. Check out the simple procedures to Relax During Stressful Times.

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  • 8

    Get Regular Check Ups

    Health issues never inform in advance. It is very important to keep an eye on ups and downs in health. Giving yourself a regular medical checkup, at least once in a year, is must for everyone to learn about their health. Hire a fixed family physician for this purpose and maintain proper health records.

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    Take Care of Hygiene

    “Hygiene is two thirds of health.”  Make sure to keep yourself and environment clean to stay healthy and fit. Take bath every day, brush your teeth regularly, clean your home and workplace properly, discard garbage thoroughly, and put on clean clothes.

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  • 10

    Avoid Sunlight

    This doesn't mean that you can’t go outside to for daily activities or enjoy weather; it simply means you have to be a bit careful. Excessive sunlight is not good for heath at all. The ultraviolet rays dehydrate human body and give birth to serious issues like constipation, skin cancer, vision imbalance and wrinkles etc. always apply some sunscreen lotion with good amount of SPF, wear beach cap and sunglasses, wear full sleeves light colored clothes, and carry an umbrella while going outside.

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