Top 10 Websites Like Facebook

Facebook has become the most effective and interactive social networking platform as hundreds of thousands of people use to connect with their friends and relatives. Some people use it on commercial purposes too. There are several features that make Facebook the most solid social media networking tool, and that is why many websites have tried to project themselves as something similar the most used social platform.

It is hard to tell how good other Facebook-like websites are, but they do feature most of the options that make Facebook “Facebook” for the public. Here is a list of top-ten Facebook-like platforms.


  • 1

    MySpace is one of the most popular social networking channels on the Internet. Although used by the youth and entertainment industry such as fashion and music, MySpace has attracted thousands of users since it was launched. Its virtual community is best for connecting, sharing views and videos, meeting new friends. MySpace has not been able to compete Facebook when it comes to the number of users, but the networking platform still attracts loyal users.

  • 2


    Google+ is much like Facebook in many ways. Although Google+ has not been able to attract as much users as Facebook since its launch, the social networking site is now gaining ground and professionals related to different industries look at as a good tool to market their businesses. Not only professionals, individuals can also interact with their friends, new people and the rest of the word just like they do on Facebook. Google+ is going to be around for a long time due to its attractive features and options.

  • 3


    Having been around for a long time now, Hi5 is another good social networking site. Hi5 and Facebook have a lot in common. You can create a personal profile and add friends and new people.

  • 4

    Do you really want to stay in touch with old mates and meet new people but will also like to use networks other than all-time popular Facebook? Then you can use Bebo. Sign up, create a profile and start searching for old school friends.

  • 5

    Netlog is best for interacting with teenagers and the youth. Netlog also allows you to create your own web page with a blog to publish posts.

  • 6

    A social networking platform that connects you with your pals and you can also spend time dating.

  • 7


    Online community created by two school friends.

  • 8

    LinkedIn is for professionals wishing to connect to the world and boost their business, image, products and profile.

  • 9


    Create a profile on Buzznet and stay in touch with friends.

  • 10


    A lesser-known social networking platform, Tagged is best if you love online dating, sharing photos and posts.

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