Top Rated Xbox 360 Games of 2012

Game developers are skillful enough to give us an overwhelming experience by introducing action packed games in the market. But few are thrilling enough to grant us an unforgettable experience. With an astonishing modification and jaw dropping visual effects, you get a chance to experience a materialistic world where you are the boss. This year several Xbox games were introduced into the market, but the ones that accomplished in making their way into the list of top ranked Xbox 360 games till May 2012 are rearranged as follow:

1- Max Payne 3

The exhilarating shooter Max Payne appeared in a game in 2003. With savage gunplay Max Payne 3 accomplished in blasting its way through rest of the Xbox 360 games, and rated as the best game of this year.

2- The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

A political intrigue in a sorrowful world will be visualized in the Witcher 2 game. Mature themed fantasy role playing game’s new version is a treat for your mind and fun for your senses. This Xbox entertainment has hit the second position in 2012’s best rated games.

3- Mass Effect 3

With the theme of sacrifice, Mass Effect 3 is an action packed game which remarkably satisfies game admires. BioWare developed this game in order to focus on the series of Commander Shephard and protagonist.  In the shadow of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Mass Effect 3 is at the third position.

4- Trials Evolution

With new multiplayer modes Trials Evolution is placed at forth position. The game has returned with new sharing tools and fantastic multiplayer modes. With a robust improvement you will experience thrilling rides after playing Trials Evolution.

5- Anomaly: Warzone Earth

The battle against alien’s war machines will be seen in this unique tower defense hybrid Anomaly. Usually game developers add spices into the genre of this game to make it look fresher, but sometimes a simple version like Anomaly: Warzone Earth also becomes the most alluring game.

6- Sine Mora

This game is all about managing time manipulation; this classic shooting game will give you a unique experience of the time mechanics and a fusion of classics and superficial. With 6th position Sine Mora is also counted among the best Xbox games of 2012.

7- Street Fighter X Tekken

If you are a serious fighting fan then Street Fighter X Tekken is the best entertaining experience you will ever get. Fighters from all around the universe will collide with each other to fortify themselves as the best fighters. This Xbox game is positioned at 7th place in the list of best 2012 Xbox 360 games.

8- Trine 2

The fusion of fun and physics will be experienced in the Trine 2. A story of the game revolves around three fantasy heroes a nervy wizard, thief and merry knight. The sequel of Trine is very much alike the previous game, but with huge modification.

9- Sonic CD

Though its oldest adventurous were very much outrageous, but this time you will experience this retro game on a modern platform. Due to licensing reason some vocals have been removed from the game. With ninth position Sonic CD accomplished in making its place in the top ranked Xbox 360 games of 2012.

10- Dragon’s Dogma

Battle with frustrated dragons gives you a chance to get involved in a fantastic combat. At every corner of the game you will come across a new surprise that will give you an authentic feel. You will definitely come across an unforgettable experience after playing this Xbox game.

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