Police Issued Ipads Tablets So That They Can Fill In Forms on the Beat

The UK police has witnessed a major downsize and decided to cut 500 front-line jobs to save money, while giving its officers iPad like tablets so that they can fill in forms on the move.

Police officers will be equipped with the tablet computers so they can do all the paper work easier and more efficiently while on the move, instead of being stuck in the office.  In addition, they can have access to emails, custom-made police applications and major internet sites including Google, YouTube and Facebook.

Though, the officers are allowed to go online only “for legitimate purposes” and would be monitored, a spokesperson said.

The move is named as a trial period, which is part of a strategy of Sussex police to cut 500 front line jobs to save £50million from its budget by 2015.

Many officers have already been made to resign after they completed their tenure of 30 years.

According to Chief constable Martin Richards, using tablets will eventually help his officers “to complete crime reports and witness statements on the move.”

He believes giving tablet computers would be inexpensive as compared to using laptops or other alternatives.

The force has refused to disclose how much the devices would cost and which devices would they actually use, but initially they will bring 50 tablets that will cost around £25,000.

While looking at the cost of Apple’s iPads, they usually start at a few hundred pounds each for the simplest models. In case the force decided to give its officers £999 BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, the bill will certainly increase more than £3 million.

Last month, the Sussex police faced severe criticism when its communications manager hit the headlines after she was caught using her official Twitter account. She posted a picture of a cake and treats for the press office on her Twitter profile, writing: “A typical Friday in corporate comms!”

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