Ways to find out if he likes you

You like this guy, you get butterflies each time you see him, your heart completely falls out, you breath extremely heavily when he is around but what do you get in return? No signs, no signals – what do you think? Is he interested and just playing it cool or is he just not interested. Well, that’s what brings you here… Read the steps below to find out:


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    Does he blink a lot when you’re around? That is a sign of someone confirming your presence and probably over thinking in his head… Which means he likes you.

  • 2

    Breathing, Sweaty or going red in the face

    Breathing excessively or deep breaths is a sign of someone knowing your presence, becoming sweaty or red in the face is also another sign that he likes you.

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    Look out for any weird expressions, it means he is not feeling comfortable around you… Remember you are looking for something different you haven’t seen before, face expressions usually give away someone’s thoughts but if you’re new to the dating scene then it will take you a lot longer to work this out.

  • 4

    Does he speak to you differently

    Have you realized when he is with friends, he is a lot more natural and talkative but when it comes to you, he is more selective? This is a sign of a person that is actually thinking of what to say next however with friends he is completely natural.... That would mean he is trying to impress you by being selective and not over repetitive or speaking so much that you lose interest in him.

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