Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer

Summer can be extremely demanding in some parts of the world, taking a toll on the human body as well as the mind. People, who live in a hot climate, have a greater chance of losing temperament quickly as compared to the ones residing at a cool place. Thanks to modern air conditioning technology, we are able to control the room temperature but the outer temperature still has an impact on our lives. In order to perform our day to day duties efficiently, it is imperative that we learn to stay cool even in the summer.

Things Required:

– Ice pack
– Drinking Water


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    Drink plenty of water

    The most important thing to do in the summer is to have a proper intake of fluid in your body. You can have as many fizzy drinks or artificial juices as you want but there is no substitute to fresh clean water. According to most of the health experts, you should have a minimum of eight glasses of water each day but in the summer you should try to have about 16 glasses of water per day to keep yourself cool.

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    Eat smart

    In the summer, you should avoid eating things that has a warm impact on the body. You should prefer fruits like watermelon which help you stay cool in the summer. Most of us like ice cream, which is also a good source to keep cool in the hot weather.

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    Exercise is extremely important for physical fitness and swimming is considered to be one of the best exercises. After helping you strengthen your body, swimming is an extremely effective way of feeling cool in the summer. It is recommended that you go for swimming at least a couple of days per week.

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    Use an ice pack

    Ice packs are easily available in markets these days. You can cool the blood in your veins by placing an ice pack on your wrists and it will make you feel cooler. Apart from the wrist, you should frequently place the ice pack on the back of your neck and head if the temperature is very high. If an ice pack is not available, you can simply run your pulse under cold water.

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    Take a shower with cool water at least twice a day as it will help you feel cool and fresh.

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