Wedding Hairstyles for Children

Kids in a wedding are more then just kids. Whether it’s a flower girl tossing petals in front of the bride or a ring bearer, they add a spark of happiness in the wedding with their presence so special attention is given to their wardrobe along with their hair styles.

There are many hairstyles that can be chosen for kids but kids must look kids and their hair style must be soft enough to make them a part of their own age group.

Below is a list of some good wedding hair styles for kids that can bring out the best looks in them.


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    Wedding Hairstyles for Little Girls:

    Formal Updos:

    These formal updos are simple but trendy at the same time and are meant for hair that are up to shoulders or longer.

    Stylish Pony Tails: The simplest of all the updos is the pony tail that can be made formal with a soft messy look by giving curls to the hair with a curling rod and then tying them up with a pony holder. To make it look more adorned, use a pony holder with bow and long ribbons or any other funky pony holder that goes with the girl's dress. Apply hair mousse to let the curled hair settle down and stay for longer. Finally, prettify the pony tails by sprinkling glitter dust on the hair or by putting a tiara on the head to make it look classy.

    Buns: Buns are also another form of updo that can be adorned in many different ways. To make a bun, first give loose curls to the hair with the help of curling iron or hot rollers; this will give a cute look to the bun. Now tie those curls in a pony with a pony holder and then wrap the pony tail around in a bun and secure the bun with bobby pins. Finally apply hair mousse.

    Braided Bun: It is another variation to the style that can be made by simply dividing the hair into two sections and making braids of both the sections and then gathering them up in a single braid and finally wrapping it around in a bun.

    Some people complaint that the buns give a very mature look to their little girls, so adding a garland around the bun will make it look less mature.

    Half Updo: If you donot like full updos then you can also make half updo by dividing the hair into two parts; creating an updo with the upper half and giving some loose curls to the lower half of the hair with hot rollers or curling rod. Finally adorn it by adding a tiara on the head, fancy pins or a garland.

    Braids/Twists on the sides and loose curls: This is a very cute and easy hair style for your little girl. First divide the hair in a center partition and then make braids or twists on both sides by taking hair from the front of both sides of the partition till ears and then secure them with a pin at both the ends.

    Now give loose curls to the remaining hair or simply give a straight look by applying a straightener. In the end spry the hair mousse and give a more dramatic look by sprinkling some silver or golden glitter dust on the hair.

    Also the hair can be further accessorized with flower pins or pearl pins all over the braids or by a ribbon that runs down through the braids.

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    Wedding Hairstyles for Little Boys:

    Little boy's hairstyles for wedding are usually simple yet easy to maintain. All what is needed is to give them a neat look and for that it is recommended to get them a hair cut two or three days before wedding.

    Sometimes, according to the theme of the weddings you can also place a nice hat on the head to give them a dramatic look. Or just simply pull back hair with hair gels or spike the boy’s hair by applying styling wax and then pulling up the hair with hands.

    If your little boy’s hair are curly, then make them curlier with the help of some good quality hair gel or hair mousse to make them look unique and classy.

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