What Is an External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is a device that provides additional space to the computer users. Essentially it is a storage device and it can be very easily connected to your computer. External hard drives are also used by people who travel frequently. If you do not want to store memorable videos and images on their computer, you can use an external hard drive and access the files and folders by forming a connection between the computer and hard drive using a USB cable. When buying external hard drives, it is recommended to get the metal or plastic casing as well.


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    Before purchasing an external hard drive, you will need to determine the advantages and uses. If you believe there is a need to buy an external memory device only then you should go ahead with the payment. One of the main advantages of an external hard drive is that it can increase the capacity and storage area of your computer considerably. If the original hard drive fails the backup data can be accessed from the external memory device. However, it is recommended to use a jump or flash drive if you want to move files and folders on a regular basis.

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    Depending on the type of external hard drive you are using, it could either work with a USB cable or IEEE 1394 cable. Although the IEEE is more effective and efficient, it is more expensive than the USB cable, which is also the most commonly used type of external device cables. Almost every modern day computer provides a USB slot either on the side or on the back of the processor. If your computer is using an SCSI connection, you will need to install the required SCSI card to run the external drive.

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    External hard drives work fine with most modern day computers but it is recommended to make sure the operating system has connection needed to run the device. Consider purchasing the USB external drive if you plan to use it on more than one computer. If the computer you will be using it with has FireWire connection then you should purchase an IEEE 1394 hard drive.

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    Although bigger hard drives offer more storing capacity, you should not choose a hard drive that is cumbersome. Make sure it can fit in your pocket if needed. The decision depends up on a number of factors including the purpose of use.

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