What Is Homogenized Milk

Homogenized milk is natural milk, which has been mechanically processed. The process of homogenization includes filtration, temperatures and agitation. It breaks down the natural molecules in the milk. It extends shelf life of milk, and gives it smooth and flowing texture. The natural and dietary strengths in the milk are not affected or damaged in the process. Still, many people do not like consuming homogenized milk.


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    Homogenized milk is mechanically processed milk, after which it creates a smooth and fluid texture. It is not different from natural milk.

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    Homogenized milk is not different from unprocessed milk, as it contains all dietary benefits as does the unprocessed milk, although it might have a layer of cream on the top. It is created after breaking the molecules.

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    Homogenized milk has a better shelf life than the unprocessed milk, and it is one of the main reasons for companies to process the milk mechanically.

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    Many people still do not prefer homogenized milk, which according to them has different taste. The breaking down of molecules might make the milk taste a bit differently to the unprocessed milk, although there is no solid proof of it.

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    Sometimes milk obtained through different sources on a bigger farm is homogenized to blend it together to give customers one taste of the milk. This might also improve the hygiene aspect of the product.

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    The homogenization of milk was started in France. All other countries now subject the raw milk product to some sort of processing, including homogenization, although it is not a mandatory requirement of any government around the world.

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    In the United States, the product of milk means homogenized milk and if the milk is not processed or homogenized, the seller has to inform the customers before selling.

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