What to Wear to a Black-Tie Event for Women

A black-tie event is often considered one of the most formal events and because of this reason most women wear formal dresses on such occasions. However, in actual there is a lot of confusion as not many people know what the requirements of a black-tie event are or what this invitation actually means, or how a woman should dress up for this occasion. Due to this confusion, it often happens that women wear wrong clothes to a black-tie event, which causes lot of awkwardness. To avoid such a situation you can follow the guidelines provided in this piece of writing so you’re much more acquainted with what to wear  and what not to.


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    Dress Code for a Black-Tie Event

    Traditionally a black-tie event requires a woman to wear long length dresses like floor length, evening separates or cocktail style because dresses of longer lengths are believed to be more formal than shorter ones. Women should wear sparkling jewellery and a pair of heels with long length gowns. As far as the colour is concerned, black should be given preference because it complements almost everything.

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    Dress According to Invitation

    Interestingly, a black-tie event does not always mean that women should wear long black dress. Modern fashion and customs have given women more flexibility when it comes to dressing for a formal black -tie event. The best way to figure out what to wear to such an event is to pay attention to the invitation. This will give a good idea of what the host expects and what other attendees will be wearing. Another good way to judge the formality of a black tie event is to see how much effort is going into getting the event ready and executed. The more effort and money being spent means that guests need to be more formal. For instance, if it’s an early drinks event then a short cocktail dress will be considered ideal for the occasion. However, if it is a fund raising dinner for a state politician than a more formal dress will be required.


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    Consider Timing and Weather

    It is also quite essential that a woman should consider timing and weather conditions before selecting the dress for a black-tie affair. For instance during day time events, it is best that women should wear bright, short and cocktail styled dresses. As far as evening events are concerned, they are more formal as compared to the ones which take place during day light.

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    Colours Other Than Black

    Women usually wear black colour dresses to a black-tie event but there are other choices in colours if one wants to follow the invitation instead of tradition. One of the trendy colours for people who want to wear a colour other than black is red. It is flattering over the rest and therefore has become a famous choice. However, the ultimate authority is the wearer himself as she has to choose a colour according to her comfort and personality.

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    Accessories for Black-Tie Event

    Accessories for a black-tie event include sparkling jewellery like necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Beside this you can also wear gemstone pieces and pearls, as they too look best for this kind of event. Use small purses or clutches for night affair and big ones for the day time.

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    Shoes for Black-Tie Event

    Shoes, on the other hand, should be elegant and have high heel for a night event, whereas for day time summer event, wear open toe high heels.

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    Hair Style for Black-Tie Event

    Hair should be up and secured with jewel clip if a woman is wearing a long gown at night, whereas for day time summer party use a fresh flower.

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    Prohibited Things for a Black-Tie Event

    Just like there are a few things that should be worn to a Black tie event, there are some which shouldn't be. These are;

    Avoid taking too bulky and big purses with you at a black-tie event.

    Those who are going to a black-tie event at daytime during mid summers should avoid wearing black attire and cape because it is not considered an ideal dress for this kind of occasion.

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