What to Wear With a Black Corduroy Blazer

A man’s wardrobe cannot be complete without having a black corduroy blazer in it. Due to the fact that black corduroy blazer is considered as one of most fashionable and multipurpose piece of clothing which a man can wear with different clothing. The major reason behind this demand for black corduroy blazer is that it can go along with various colours and fabrics. It also seems stylish, elegant and yet comfortable to wear. In addition to this, men can use it for both formal and casual dress up. However, if you are still confused and do not know what to wear with a black corduroy blazer then see this guide to have a better idea.


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    Aside from the traditional dress pants, black corduroy blazer also makes a great combination with jeans so if you have blue jeans in your wardrobe then try it with this blazer. Wearing blue jeans with black corduroy blazer not only makes a wonderful combination but also exudes both hipness and style at the same time.

    In fact sometimes even shiny suit jackets make a great contrast with the rough fabric jeans. Moreover, the best thing about black corduroy blazer is that it can go with almost any kind of blue jeans from dirty denim to pricier brands.

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    Different Slacks

    However, if someone considers jeans a too casual combo with black corduroy blazers then try it out with same black corduroy slacks or gray or charcoal trousers. Rough surface woolen cloth like tweed or twills and flannels can also go along well with black corduroy blazers. If it’s summer time then, give a shot to khaki trousers that have plain front with this type of blazer.

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    Aside from different slacks and denims, you can also try various shirts and outfits with the black corduroy blazers. Almost any colour of shirt can go along with black corduroy blazer. This includes shirt with solid strips too. Other than this, you can also wear shirts with moderate textures and strips, unless they do not look too bold and big. In case you want a casual look then put on jeans and t-shirt with it.

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    As far as wearing shoes is concerned with black corduroy blazers go for a hip brand and prefer to wear dress shoes with it. In case you are wearing black corduroy blazer with blue denim then, brown dress shoes will also make a terrific combination. However, do not wear athletic shoes with this combination as this will take the casual look a little too far.

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