A.D.D. & Rockstar Games present ‘Soft Serve’

A.D.D. and Rockstar Games present Soft Serve, a traveling art installation that will kick off August 1st at Trafik Tradeshow in Miami and conclude at Agenda Tradeshow in San Diego on September 10th.

Soft Serve was created as a traveling group art show that features all sides of the art world, including but not limited to: painting, music, video, screen printing, drawing, wheat pasting, clothing, photography & more, with musical guests from Dim Mak and Hydrahead Records supplying the soundtrack for this one-of-a-kind tour.

In addition to the fine artists, the tour will feature a fast-paced and action packed tournament courtesy of ‘Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis.’

The 40 day, 25 city adventure also includes live art installations by Buff Monster, Blake E. Marquis/Came Crashing, Alvaro IIizarbe/Freegums, Dim Mak, Hydrahead/Robotic Boot, Rony’s Photobooth & more.

For more info and dates check out www.softservetour.com

The world-renowned publisher of some of gaming’s elite franchises, Rockstar Games is on the cutting edge of today’s Pop culture. In their first next generation title, Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis, Rockstar Games has captured the intensity and action of a classic sport and delivered the ultimate party game for the Xbox 360.

Bringing together this diverse group of talented artists and the innovators at Rockstar Games is Line Showroom, exclusive manufacturers and distributors of custom garments for these artists and more.

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