Decorating With Bathroom Curtains

Whoever said bathrooms have to be boring? Any bathroom can gain an additional style boost simply by adding a set of bathroom curtains. Providing privacy and insulation, curtains also add a stylish air and hint of fashion. Available in a wide assortment of themes, colors and patterns, there is bound to be a curtain for every bathroom window.

Keep in mind when choosing your curtains that not all fabrics are created equal. Heavier fabrics such as wool and velvet rarely fare well in bathrooms as they tend to mold and mildew when exposed to humidity. Very fine fabrics such as silk and satin might react unfavorably to the damp in the air, resulting in watermarks and stains on the material.

Any material that needs to be dry cleaned or vacuumed should not be used in a bathroom; instead, look for bathroom curtains made of cotton, polyester and percale blends in order to prevent water damage. Not only will these materials resist mildewing, but they can be easily tossed into the washing machine to clean.

Since bathrooms tend to be small in size, it’s best to stick to window treatments that stay at the top half of the window rather than hang down. Valances, swags and cafÃ?© curtains are all good choices for bathrooms (just be sure to invest in a good shade or set of blinds to keep passer-by’s from peeking in).

Bathroom curtains range from simple and sophisticated to brightly colored and fun. If your bathroom is done up in sleek marble with black and gold accents, try a simple black swag curtain at the top of the window. Not only will it stay out of the way, but the curtain can be customized with gold trim to match the d�©cor. Bathrooms with a zanier theme, such as cartoon fish or fire hydrants, would do perfectly well with a brightly patterned curtain to match.

Major department stores and national retail chains offer a wide selection of curtain choices. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, it can be fun to create your own. Experiment with different materials and styles; cut up a matching shower curtain with a wacky pattern on it or make curtains out of terrycloth towels (available in any color or size) for a softer look. For a shell-themed bathroom, hang small shells on fishing line from the bottom edge of the curtain fabric, or drape a fishing net over a solid colored curtain for a nautical theme.

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