Gaming Accessory Review: Intec Pro Gamer’s Kit

Intec Pro Gamer’s Kit
MSRP: $29.99
Manufacturer: Intec

With Intec’s Pro Gamer’s Kit, you get all the basics needed in order to travel with your PSP successfully. The kit comes packaged with seven pieces including a Safe Screen for protecting the unit’s screen from scratches, the Safe Strap wrist strap, a soft cleaning cloth, a UMD case, a car power adaptor, a pair of retractable Game Bud headphones, and a small aluminum carrying case for housing it all.

Let’s break each piece down individually. First, the Safe Screen is a clear plastic screen protector like all others on the market. It applies to the PSP’s screen using a squeegee to squeeze out the air bubbles, however, dust is nearly impossible to keep from getting trapped underneath it during application. Then there is the Safe Strap, a wrist strap that attaches to the PSP enabling you to play on the go without fear of dropping the device. Compared to the default strap packed with the PSP, the Safe Strap is vastly superior in every way. Next comes the UMD protector case. It holds a total of three UMDs at a time and the design is much sturdier than a lot of the other game cases I’ve used and tested.

Moving on down the line, the car adaptor works like you’d expect, but in a nice touch it has an adjustable tip that allows the plug to reach even the tightest of car outlets. It also has a great heft and feels well made, so the quality is definitely very high. Next we have the Game Bud headphones, a pair of ear buds that are built for on-the-go gaming thanks to a nifty retractable cord that neatly wraps both ends into a center storage module. Like most ear buds, though, the audio quality sure isn’t the best in the world, but they do get the job done, and the portable convenience alone makes them worth having around if you just want something small and functional to have on hand.

Lastly, the aluminum briefcase itself is probably worth the kit’s entire price all by itself. It’s small and lightweight, but also strong enough to withstand reasonable punishment. Additionally, the inside compartments are laid out to not only hold the provided accessories, but the PSP and other accessories you may have already purchased. A fold-down Velcro-strapped divider reveals a netted pouch for storing games, manuals, ac adaptors or any other small items you can stuff into it, which can only be considered a plus. On the downside, though, the PSP compartment doesn’t hold the system quite as snugly as I would’ve liked. There’s a bit of wiggle room on all sides, and when you close the case up you can sort of hear the PSP jostle around ever so slightly. For basic storage it works great, but if you are going to be lugging it around a lot you would be better served getting a standalone protective travel case.

Overall, Intec’s Pro Gamer’s Kit is worth the price of admission if you’re in search of a great selection of basic accessories to get started with. Each of the included accessories is designed well and perfectly fit for travel (except for the screen protector of course – I hate those things to death). There are a few drawbacks to certain items, but for the $30 MSRP this kit is quite a deal.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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