Improve Your Golf Game with GolfDust

You can’t improve your game if you don’t know where the improvement is needed. With GolfDust you can find exactly where your club is making contact with the ball and make any needed adjustments. GolfDust is small enough to fit in your pocket so it can be pulled out every time you chip, slice or just plain choke.

Golf Dust is convenient to use. Just whip it out, spray, wait a second for it to dry and swing. Then take a look at your club to see just where the contact was made. Even a fraction of an inch off center in either direction can cause your drive to be off.

Prior to Golfdust, impact tape was the best thing around for determining ball placement. Although it did the trick, it was sort of a pain to put on all that tape and then it was an even bigger pain to remove all the tape when you were finished and you still had to clean the club.

With Golf Dust, you just spray and swing. In fact, you can swing a few times before needing to reapply, so you can see where the ball is impacting and immediately swing again and check to see where the subsequent impact was made. When you’re finished, simply wipe the club with a damp cloth and you’re done.

You can spend a fortune getting lessons or refresher courses on grip and stance, but the fact is that none of that may fix the problem until you know what the problem actually is. Once you’ve used the Golfdust and you know exactly where the ball is hitting on your club, then you have a place to start. Now you can make a few changes at a time until you see that impact is being made in the center.

There is nothing more frustrating than finally having free time and a beautiful day to get out on the course only to be disappointed by your game. It’s especially discouraging if you can’t figure out what on earth you’re doing wrong. Even if you get lucky and hit a couple of great swings, you probably have no idea what it was that you did right. It’s hard to figure out how to get the ball to the center of the club if you don’t know where it’s hitting to start with. By just spraying some Golf Dust on your club, you have something work with.

It probably won’t make you a pro but chances are it will help you to enjoy your game a lot more. People always tell you to practice, practice, practice. But if you’re practicing the wrong thing over and over, you’ll just get better at hitting it wrong.

With Golf Dust, you can see what you’re doing wrong so you can stop it.

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