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If you love games like Pictionary, then you will simply adore iSketch! It’s online, free, and pretty easy to use. Let’s check it out!

The website address is: If, at any time, you get one of those annoying pages saying “This page cannonot be displayed”, simply click your Refresh button on your browser, and it should load properly.

To start playing, click the Play Now button on the main page. It uses Macromedia Shockwave, so you may see it loading. Just wait for it to finish, before you start anything. After it’s done loading, you will see the area to type in a Username. You can choose anything you like. You don’t have to do any of that silly registering, and waiting for an email to come to your inbox, so you can confirm. You simply type your desired username, and off you go! They have a place to enter a password, but as of yet, they have not got that part working yet. So, type your Username and click Logon.

The object of the game is pretty simple. Each player gets a turn to draw a word, and the other players try to guess.

To enter a game, click on one of the themed rooms on the right, after logging in. When it is your turn to draw the word, you will see the needed tools to do so. If you’re not comfortable with just jumping in and trying it, you can practice in the Studio before choosing a room. The button for it is located on the top of the page, after you log in.

There are some important rules when playing. The really BIG one is don’t use Letters when drawing. It’s considered common courtesy to use the Hint button, so the other players can see how many letters are in your word. And, trust me, you’ll appreciate it when it’s your turn to guess!

In this image, you can see the tools you’ll be able to use, and the chat area. The upper box is where you would type in guesses. The small middle text box is where you actually type. And, the lower box is where “chat” goes. The large box on the right is where you draw. Playing in the studio first will give you a feel for the tools, and make you a more confident game player!

If you would like to change any settings, simply click the Settings button. You will have several different options to choose from once you are there. Most of them are not something I’d normally change, other than the one blocking chat and roommate names containing rude words, but feel free to explore it and change anything you like.

When you feel you’re ready to play with real people, just go back to the main page, and click Logon. You will be taken to the page to choose which room you’d like to play in. Choose a room that sounds fun to you, and go have some fun!

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