Redecorate Your Old Kitchen Appliances

Don’t throw out working appliances simply because they’re scratched or dented. Sheets of veneer is one way old appliances can take on a new look. Veneer is an excellent choice if the fridge has small dents and dings. It covers well and looks nice. Your local home improvement store has a variety of veneer colors and styles from which to choose. They also carry all types of appliance paint. Appliance paints are fine for a refrigerator or dishwasher although not appropriate for heated appliances like stoves.

Ovens require a different type of appliance paint that is heat resistant. Although painting is an option for many appliance owners, the project won’t help if your machine has dents and deep scratches. Putty for metallic projects is helpful before painting.

When painting an appliance make sure it is clean and dry, as well as sanded in necessary places. Mask off hardware and handles or remove them completely. Use a light coat, allow to dry, then apply a second coat of the appliance paint. Allow to dry overnight before replacing hardware and handles.

Nowadays craft and department stores carry sheets of magnet which are great for giving the appliance a make-over. The sheets are thin and some styles are printable. Although the magnetic sheet will cover the main areas of the appliance, it’s difficult to make it look attractive around handles and hardware. Since most rolls of magnetic sheeting sold at department stores are limited in size, it’s ideal to use the roll as a single piece rather than adding additional sections of magnet. The make-over is perfect for appliances which simply have minor scratches on the fronts or sides. Some magnetic sheeting has a paper front that can be drawn upon or decorated with stickers.

Dimensional paints work well on just about any surface. They come in tubes with many color choices and are dabbed on with a brush. It would take more than a dozen tubes to do a large appliance, but at about $5 per tube, the cost isn’t astronomical. Dimensional paints give a look of rough rock or granite and will look good with most any decor.

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