Stylish Ways to Add Curves in a Square Family Room

Areas of the home that are furnished and decorated with more right angles than curves can look rigid and uninviting, especially the family room. It should have welcoming appeal, and it can be accomplished by adding more soft lines than sharp turns. Even if your main space for spending time with loved ones is square, the furnishings, decor and the way in which they are arranged can completely change how it looks and feels. Use these creative methods to add a few bends, bows, turns and arches. You can easily transform a square room into a space that is soft, stylish and absolutely amazing.

Hang Half Round Wall Art above the Doorway

A rectangular doorway in a square family area only adds to the problem with the aesthetic features of the space. If space allows, soften two of the sharp corners by hanging half-round metal or wooden wall art above the doorway. Even though the doorway will not be substantially changed, the wall art will add architectural appeal. Shop online to find the perfect piece at the lowest possible price for your family gathering space.

Fill a Corner with Comfortable Curved Seating

When striving to add more curves in a square family room, consider the furnishings. If they line the walls from one end to the next, select a curvy new chair or loveseat. Something similar to the furnishing in the photo would be ideal in an eclectic or contemporary home. It will soften an empty corner in a stylish new way. Be sure to include throw pillows in colors that were used when decorating other areas of the family room. They will visually unite individual furnishings and decor.

Select a Round Area Rug

Instead of buying a square or rectangular area rug for the family room, choose a round one. It would look fantastic in front of a curved chair or loveseat. Next to the walls and the flooring, it will likely become the third largest component of the space. In addition to adding comfort and color, it will append curves that will beautifully soften the room.

Opt for a Circular Coffee Table

To create a low-level focal point, top the round area rug with a circular coffee table instead of the typical rectangular variety. A large round ottoman with hidden storage can serve as a soft and comfy coffee table that can double as seating. Simply top it with a large beverage tray. Besides adding more room for storage, it will nicely accompany most of the seating in the family room, and like the other suggestions for furnishings and decor, it will add tremendous curve appeal.

Source: Professional Home Decorating Experience

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