Thanksgiving Wish – the Children

Let there be someone who cares enough to make sure that a hungry child is fed.

Let the children who have food learn to share.

Let the oppressed children experience freedom.

Let the children who are afraid learn that there are people who can be trusted.

Let the children who are abused find refuge in a safe haven.

Let the children who feel alone find comfort in being loved.

Let the children who feel worthless learn their value.

Let the children with no faith learn to believe.

Let the children who are confused understand.

Let the persecuted children find joy.

Let the violent children learn the power of kindness.

Let the children of divorce know that their parents’ problems are not their fault.

Let the children who are different learn to be proud.

Let the children who are disabled gain strength from embracing their abilities.

Let the children who blame forgive.

Let the children in darkness see light.

Let the oppressed children gain liberty.

Let the sick children become healthy.

Let the children in war zones find asylum.

Let the depressed children become hopeful.

Let all children reach for the stars because with our help, they can.

Let each person who reads this do something� anything to make a difference for just one child.

That is my Thanksgiving wish.

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