The Course at Thorn Apple Country Club, Galloway Ohio

I have been playing this course for 18 years. Back in 1987, the course was in excellent shape. Some time in the early 1990s the course maintenance started to slide. The course upkeep has improved over the last 5 years and I must say it probably the best it has ever been. Long and wide fairways. The greens are large and easy to hit.


Semi-Private (what does this mean, they let anybody play)
18 holes
Tee Times 7 Days in Advance — Starting at 6:00 AM
Green Fees Monday through Thursday – $17.50 for 18 holes, $12.25 for 9 holes
Green Fees Friday – $19.50 for 18 holes, $13.25 for 9 holes
Weekend & Holidays – $21.50 for 9 or 18 holes

Holes: 18
Greens: Bent Grass
Fairways: Bluegrass
Type: Public
County: Franklin
Architect: Jack Kidwell
Year Built: 1966
Phone: 614-878-7703
Website: N/A
Pro Shop: Yes
Soft spikes: Recommeded
Carts Required: No
Club Rental: Yes
Driving Range: No
Restaurant: No
Snack bar: Yes
Alcohol Sold: Yes

Very nice, large putting area

Superintendent : John Yurchiak
Head Professional : John Whittle
Course Designer : Jack Kidwell

Par Yardage Course Rating Slope
Blue 72 7039 72.6 116
White 72 6824 70.9 114
Red 72 5895 71.7 115


Needs a lot of work. Not very clean or aesthetically pleasing. The restroom was not very clean.


Clean and well stocked. Better than average pricing. Accepts major credit cards.


There are 2 dogs leashed to a clothes rack in the Proshop. It would be much more professional to keep the animals leashed outside.

The ranger needs to keep play moving at a quicker pace.

No beverage cart!


All distances are from the blue tees. The recommendations made here are based on my play and I am a scratch golfer. I have not given tips on the greens however most are uneventful. They are fast, and most of the time it is tough to sit the ball down (they are hard). A lot of this guide is based on 250 yard drives, which is about right for an average, scratch golfer.

Hole 1 – 439 yard Par 4 – HC 4

The hole has a slight dogleg right at about 250 yards off the tee. There is a stream in front of the green and you must hit the ball approximately 130 on the fly to clear the water. On the right side of the fairway is a 50 yard bunker starting at about 220 yards off the tee.

The fairway is wide open and hole is uneventful unless you drive into the sand. Playing it left is really easy; driving the ball 250 yards leaves a 175 yard, 4-iron shot to the green.

Hole 2 – 472 yard Par 5 – HC 18

The hole is dead straight to the green. There is a stream that starts on the right at about 70 yards short of the green and runs back and to the left. Two small bunkers are placed in the front of the green to the right and left of the fringe.

A 250 yard drive leaves a 220 yard, 3-wood to green. Since the water is about 40 yards from the flag, you need to make the second shot sit-up quick. Sometimes I play this like a true par 5 and hit in front of the water and chip to the green; it depends on the weather. When it is dry, it is tough to set the ball on the green with your second shot. If you can get the ball to bite, it is an easy birdie hole.

Hole 3 – 426 yard Par 4 – HC 2

Another straight hole. There is a stream in front of the tee about 50 yards out from the tee. There is a water hazard in the form of a small pond SMACK in front of the green; it runs left and comes back toward you on the left. There is also a big tree to the right of the green, so if you play the right side it offers a difficult approach shot. If you can, come out of your shoes on the drive, keep it straight, and leave yourself with an easy second shot.

I hate this hole. There is a good reason why this is the second hardest link on the course, and it is the second shot. Once again you must get it down in a hurry. Many people play this like a par 5 because of the water placement. I have seen aggressive golfers lose a ball to the tear gods. A 250 yard drive leaves a tough, 175 yard, 4-iron to green.

Hole 4 – 193 yard Par 3 – HC 14

Straight hole. There is decent size trap to the left, front of the green. Also there is a good size tree (on the right) whose branches flow out into the driving area.

This is a fairly easy hole. A 2-iron will get it over the tree braches and sit up quite well. A good first shot makes for an possible birdie.

Hole 5 – 398 yard Par 4 – HC 12

Dogleg right. There is a water hazard ending 130 yards out from the tee in addition to a 50 yard long pond in the left rough. There is a 30 yard bunker in the rough, to the right of the dogleg, that starts at 200 yards off the tee.

Another easy hole. A 250 yard drive, a 150 yard 7-iron leaves a putt for bird. Definitely an easy par.

Hole 6 – 391 yard Par 4 – HC 10

A semi-straight hole, but plays a bit left to right. There is water that starts thin on the right and opens up as it moves left. A long driver (320 yards) can hit the water off the tee. In addition there is a small trap on the front, right fringe. A short drive can mean playing it like a par 5, so uncork on this one.

A 250 yard drive, a 140 yard 8-iron leaves a putt for bird. I have a knack for landing in the trap on this one and it is a difficult out.

Hole 7 – 404 yard Par 4 – HC 6

A straight hole with a small sand trap off to the left, front of the green. What really makes this a tough hole it is VERY narrow. If you go left or right, you are in the trees. The trees are not very dense, but still it is a real pain

Keep it straight. I usually tee off with a 2-iron and get it to go about 210 yards. I keep the 2-iron out and hit it 190 off the carpet to the green. This is a difficult green to 1 putt; it can be hard to read because it rolls a bit. Play it safe for an easy par. Be the hero for a birdie or possible double bogey.

Hole 8 – 189 yard Par 3 – HC 16

A well placed trap on the left front of green. Easy birdie hole with a well placed 3-iron drive.

Hole 9 – 536 yard Par 5 – HC 8

A straight hole with a creek at 380 yards. Hole undulates quite a bit, but wide open for the most part.

You need to be a long driver to get there in 2. I normally drive 250 yards, 5-wood for 205 yards, and use my PW to get it very close for a birdie putt.

Hole 10 – 558 yard Par 5 – HC 5

Play it a bit left because there are trees down the right. No water or sand, just long.

Play this just like hole #9 for an easy birdie.

Hole 11 – 249 yard Par 3 – HC 1

A hole from h-e-double toothpicks. Water (creek) starts at 200 yards, ends at 220 yards, and the green starts right after that. Trees on the left (not real close). If you play it right, there is a big tree in front of the green for your approach shot.

I think the coarse designer was drinking single malt when he dreamed this hole up. When you get to it, make your own decision. This year I have played the hole 11 times. Went for the green six times off the tee. I have landed on holy ground one time with a miss-hit driver shot. Four times in the creek with 3-wood or something… One long.

I like to hit 9-iron from the tee, hit it again to the green and usually par or bogey the hole. I have seen people birdie this. I have heard many more people say they have birdied it (but usually this conversation comes up on the 19th hole).

Hole 12 – 378 yard Par 4 – HC 13

Straight or a bit right to left. Easy. Nugh said!

Hole 13 – 388 yard Par 4 – HC 15

For the most part this is straight, with sand on the right fairway at 200 to 250 yards. Fairly large sized sand in front of the green on the right and left. Stay out of the sand and you are golden.

A 250 yard tee shot leaves a 140 yard, 8-iron approach shot. As previously noted, he you stay out of the sand, you are looking at birdie or par.

Hole 14 – 355 yard Par 4 – HC 17

Straight or a bit left to right. Easy. If you miss this birdie opportunity then buy a round (sodas).

Hole 15 – 463 yard Par 4 – HC 3

Water starts at 380 yards on the right, moves back and to the left such that it almost touches the left front tip of the green. You have to play the hole a bit right to left.

This is very similar to hole #2. You need a very long drive for an easy green punch on your second shot or plan on taking 3 swings to get to the green. Since 250 yards is about my average, best drive, this is a bogey hole (most of the time) for me.

That last time I played, one of the members in my group drove it 320 yards, landed on the green with a hard-hit 9-iron, then 3-putted. I felt his pain.

Hole 16 – 556 yard Par 5 – HC 7

Hard dogleg right. Water starts at 200 yards on the right, moves back and to the far left, so plan on hitting it 270 yards on the fly if you want to drive it left. Now you are thinking I can drive it on the right. Be aware that trees are close to the fairway on the left side, near the water; this is where the dogleg starts to make the turn.

Play it safe and hit a 2-iron, 200 yard shot straight down the middle, leaving a perfect second shot at the dogleg turn to the green. Hit a 5-wood off the carpet about 210 yards, and you have a sweet 140 yard 8-iron left to the green. Easy par play.

This can be a breaker hole if you try to drive it over the water and splash on the right. You will not have a second shot better than a chip into the fairway. This will play out to a double bogey if your approach shot is not close. I know this for a fact because I played a one-some with the guy who did it.

Hole 17 – 209 yard Par 3 – HC 11

Straight. Clear the water at 155 yards. Lots of sand on the right and one on the back left. Another sand trap off the fringe on the front, left corner.

Because of the sand, this can be a difficult hole if you do not hit the green. A strong 2-iron or weak 5-wood off the tee should do it. I normally take the easier-to-control 2-iron shot and do not care if it is short. This way I keep it out of the sand. Easy hero hole!

Hole 18 – 404 yard Par 4 – HC 9

Straight and open. A bit rolling down then up to the green. Sand on the front left tip of green and on the back, rear right. Difficult chips if you get in them.

Easy hole with a driver to 250 yards and a hard 7-iron or easy 6-iron for the approach to the green. Definitely a birdie hole if you can make a good second shot.

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