Difference Between North and South Korea

Prior to the defeat and surrendering of Japan and the end of its rule at the end of World War II in 1945, North and South Korea were one and the same. However, they divided in 1945, with the make of North Korea being heavily influenced by the then Soviet Union and South Korea being influenced by America.

North Korea differs from South Korea in respect to the capital, with the former having Pyongyang as its capital, while the latter has Seoul as its capital.

Furthermore, North Korea is a Socialist Republic, with Kim Jong-un being the supreme leader, while South Korea follows the unitary presidential constitutional republic form of government. South Korea is in a much better economic condition than North Korea and allows far more freedom to its citizens than the latter.


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    North Korea

    North Korea is a communist state, with leader Kim Jong-un serving as the supreme leader. Not much can go on in the country without his consent, though there is hardly anyone in the country who questions or seems to mind his authority. Under his rule, North Korea is not doing very good in terms of economy and foreign relations. The country’s main focus is on strengthening its defence instead of the well-being of the people. It is one of the reasons for the people to be suffering from starvation and low living standard. The people are not allowed a great deal of freedom as far as expression, lifestyle, language and even difference of opinion is concerned. North Korea does not enjoy great relations with majority of the world, especially since it started pursuing weapons of mass destruction.

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    South Korea

    South Korea is a democratic country, where the public are given the right to elect their representatives, who then control the internal and external affairs of the country. The country has been growing steadily in terms of economy since its creation, with the living standard of people on the rise consistently. The country is considered to be a developed country. People enjoy a great deal of freedom to dress up as they like, talk in languages other than Korean and use Internet as they please. There is no restriction on access to popular websites such as Facebook. South Korea supports religious freedom as well, much like the rest of the world.

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