Femme try an expression used in LGBT growth to describe a person who expresses themselves in a normally feminine technique.

Femme try an expression used in LGBT growth to describe a person who expresses themselves in a normally feminine technique.

There are additional identities within the scale of femme, just like a€?low femmea€™, a€?high femmea€™, and a€?hard femmea€™. You ought tona€™t start using these keywords about anyone until you recognize the two identify together with them.

Represents a man that a romantic and/or intimate orientation towards men. Also a simple phrase for girl to girl and homosexual sexuality – some lady identify on their own as homosexual than lesbian. Some non-binary men and women can also diagnose with this expression.


Typically indicated concerning manliness and womanliness, sex is essentially culturally determined as well as being presumed through the intercourse given at birth.

a€‹Gender dysphoria

Utilized to depict as soon as a man or woman feedback aches or hurt because there is a mismatch between the company’s love assigned at start as well as their gender name.

This really is the medical analysis for an individual whona€™t feel safe employing the love-making they were allocated at beginning.

a€‹Gender concept

How customers selects to outwardly show her sex, through the setting of societal expectations of gender. A person who cannot follow social needs of sex cannot, however, decide as trans.

a€‹Gender identification

A persona€™s inherent sense of its gender, whether male, feminine or something like that else (witness non-binary below), which may or cannot correspond to the gender designated at delivery.

a€‹Gender reassignment

One other way of outlining a persona€™s cross over. To endure sex reassignment usually means that to have some form of medical intervention, nevertheless could also indicate altering names, pronouns, grooming in another way and living in his or her self-identified gender.

Gender reassignment are a distinctive that will be shielded by your Equality operate 2010, and is moreover translated inside the Equality function 2010 approved code of rehearse. Truly a term of much assertion and is one which Stonewall’s Trans Advisory people can feel need analyzed.a€‹

Sex Acceptance Certificates (GRC)

This enables trans visitors to staying officially known within their affirmed sex also to feel distributed with an all new beginning document. Not all the trans they’ll sign up for a GRC and you currently have to become over 18 to utilize.

There’s no need a GRC to modify your sex marking at the job or even officially reprogram your sex on additional documentation for example the ticket.

a€‹Gillick proficiency

A term utilized in specialized rules to make the decision whether children (under 16 years old) has the capacity to consent to their own personal treatment, without the need for adult license or facts.

Grey (erotic and romantic)

Also called grey-A, this really an umbrella phrase which portrays individuals who encounter attraction sporadically, hardly ever, or merely under some circumstances. Consumers may also incorporate terminology such as gay, bi, lezzie, right and queer together with grey to explain the direction of enchanting or intimate tourist attraction since they experiences they.


Represents a man who has got a romantic and/or sexual placement towards lady or perhaps to someone that has a romantic and/or sex-related placement towards males.


This might be regarded a very health related words used to depict someone who has a romantic and/or intimate positioning towards someone of the same gender. The term a€?gaya€™ is better typically put.



Worries or hate of a person, considering prejudice or unfavorable behavior, notions or perspectives about lesbian, gay or bi folks. Homophobic intimidation might directed at people who are, or who happen to be recognized are, lezzie, homosexual or bi.


An expression accustomed describe an individual who may have the natural attributes of both genders or whoever biologic options don’t fit with societal presumptions precisely what indicates male or female.

Intersex individuals may establish as male, female or non-binary.

Stonewall works closely with intersex people to give you its couples and stakeholders information and evidence about elements of disadvantage that is happening to intersex customers but does not, after conversations with people in the intersex neighborhood, add intersex dilemmas as an element of its existing remit during this period.


Describes a girl who’s an enchanting and/or erectile placement towards ladies. Some non-binary individuals can even diagnose because of this name.


Driving a car or dislike of somebody as they are or happen to be sensed is a lezzie.a€‹


The acronym for lesbian, homosexual, bi, trans, queer, curious about and serve.


an umbrella name for anyone whoever sex personality shouldna€™t sit down comfortably with a€?mana€™ or a€?womana€™. Non-binary personal information include assorted and include those who establish with many areas of binary identifications, and others avoid all of them totally.


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