How to Activate a Virgin Mobile Top up Card

A well-established wireless service provider, Virgin Mobile, usually does not offer monthly plans. In the meanwhile, there is no pay-as-you-go service available.

Therefore, the users buy credits for minutes whenever they need them. The easiest way to buy credits is to activate a Top-Up card. Such cards are easily available, and you can activate them anytime you want.

There are two different ways of activating a mobile Top-Up card. The Virgin Mobile users can get them activated online at the website, or by phone using the instructions written on the card. In both cases, things are pretty simple.


  • 1

    After ensuring a proper internet connection, navigate to the Virgin Mobile Top-Up website. Find the ‘Resources’ link.

  • 2

    Now, you need to enter your mobile number, including the area code. There is a particular text box for this.

  • 3

    It is the time to return to the card. Scratch off the covered area on the back of the card to find out the secret pin code. Enter this in the “Top-Up Pin #" text box.

  • 4

    After entering the entire number, push the "Top-Up Now” button. Don’t leave the page immediately, as you need to wait for the onscreen confirmation. The website will come up with a message, indicating that the credit has successful been added to your account.

  • 5

    Internet is not required, when it comes to activating the card by phone. Even if you are not using the Virgin Mobile phone, you can easily add money to your account.

    To start the process, dial 888-322-1122 from any phone. The operator will tell you the relevant instructions, like choosing the language by saying ‘Spanish’ or ‘English’.

  • 6

    Once the language is selected, the process will become very easy. Say ‘Top-Up’ to add the credits to your mobile account.

  • 7

    Now, it is the time to use the mobile keypad. Including the area code, enter your correct phone number. You need be very careful at this stage, because even a slight mistake in entering the phone number could prove devastating.

  • 8

    You need to scratch off the covered area before dialling the number. Scratching the card during the call becomes really frustrating for the user. After entering the phone number, enter the PIN that you have revealed by scratching.

  • 9

    Say ‘Yes’ to confirm the entries. Disconnect the call and try again, if you have entered a wrong PIN or phone number. After confirming the entries, follow the remaining instructions to know your new balance.

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