How to Be Listed on the New York Stock Exchange

If you want to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) then there are certain rules and requirement that you need to follow. Not to mention that NYSE is the most important stock market of the United States, thus the rules and requirements which need to be followed are relatively high and tougher. In order to be listed on the NYSE, you must gather all the relevant information and make sure that you have fulfilled all the prerequisites.


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    Keep in contact with NYSE

    If you want to list your company on the NYSE, it is important that you should stay in regular contact with the NYSE representatives. For this, you should request the officials to provide you all the relevant information and requirements that are a must in order to achieve your goal. You can also make request to the NYSE representatives about conducting an eligibility review of your company as this would save you a lot of trouble and the result will clearly state the deficiencies that must be overwhelmed in order to secure a place in NYSE. In contrast, if you fulfil all the criteria then your application will be accepted and you will be notified about the approval. In general, the NYSE representatives review the company on the basis of size, stock price, financial data and distribution.

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    Size of the company

    Listing conditions and requirements vary from place to place. If you want to list your company on the NYSE, you must ensure that it meets the criteria as it is of pivotal importance. Regarding the size of the company, the NYSE demands that the total numbers of shares distributed by the company to the general public should not be less than 1,100,000. In addition, a minimum of 400 shareholders with at least 100 shares are also required.

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    Stock price of the company

    The next requirement is regarding the stock price of the company. The current share price of the company should not be less than $4 and after it has been listed; the share price should not stay less than $1 for a specified period of time.

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    NYSE also demands that the potential company should have earned more than $10 million in the last three years. Any company who fails to meet this criterion will not be allowed to get listed on the NYSE.

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