How to Behave On a First Job Interview

Leaving a good first impression on your first job interview will go a long way in increasing your chances of landing it. While the experience is surely a nervous one, it is important that you keep your end of the bargain by preparing and dressing properly, and acting as calm as possible.


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    Dress adequately

    Most organizations will have a dress code and your business attire will provide a fair reflection of your personality. If you are applying for a full-time job at a big investment or financial organization, make sure that you avoid any casual wear. However, semi-formal dressing will do if you work for a trade apprenticeship or creative work.

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    Before going to your first interview, it is essential that you read and search about the company and familiarize yourself with their operational activities. If that is too hard, make sure you know the name of the owners, or the industry they operating in. Having a broad knowledge of the company will prove extremely beneficial.

    Apart from that, you must prepare yourself for the interview. This will include asking yourself questions, relating to your skills, and experience. Ask your friends and family members for help or anyone who had prior knowledge about the company you have applied in.

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    Be on time

    Make sure that you arrive for your first interview 10 to 15 minutes earlier. Keeping your prospective employers waiting will not make a good first impression. Moreover, plan your travel so that you don’t get stuck in traffic jam or transport delay.

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    Bring along your paperwork

    Print a new resume and put it in a folder.  If the company has inquired about your academic qualifications or any internship experience, make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you.

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    Sell your skills

    If the position requires certain skills, and expertise, it is always important to relate them with your own experience and academics. If you have performed a task in that particular field, don’t hesitate to share. Let the interviewer know that you have the necessary skill set for this particular opening.

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    Ask some questions

    Before leaving, it is important that you ask some questions relevant to that particular job. This is recommended and will show the interviewer that you have researched well.

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