How to Block Cell Phone Text Messages

If text messages from certain numbers are becoming frustrating for you or if you are one of those people who find text messages disturbing and prefer voice calls over text messages when contacting someone, you may want to block all the incoming messages. There are various ways in which you can stop messages from certain or all numbers. Once you have decided against text messages, all you will have to do to make them stop is to make a couple of calls to your cell phone provider or make a few changes to the settings of your cell phone.


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    You cell phone provider will have the best possible solution to your problem. Call their customer care centre and make them aware that you wish to block text messages from all or certain numbers. The company may charge you a nominal fee for the text message blocking service. Add all the number from which you do not wish to receive text messages to the block list.

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    Text messaging is not mandatory and you may stop the service if you want. If you do not want to receive any text messages at all, you can all your cell phone provider and unsubscribe from the text messaging service altogether.

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    There is no set rule in which you can block spam text messages. However, replaying to a spam or unwanted text message with ‘unsubscribe’ may do the trick. Most spam messages are sent using computer software. That is why you may be able to reply to a spam text message.

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    Almost all modern cell phones allow you to block text messages from certain or all number. Read the instruction’s manual that came along with your cell phone model. You will just need to make a few changes to the cell phone settings in order to block incoming text messages.

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    The official website of your service provider may be of help if you want to block cell phone text messages. You may to create an account on the website in order to modify preferences pertaining to the text messaging service. Change these preferences the way you want.

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