How to Boil Eggs Perfectly

Eggs are rich sources of vitamins A, E, D, and E, iron, proteins, sulfur and all fats. You can boil them, cook them in oil and can even eat them in raw form. However, boiling eggs is the perfect and very simple way to make an instant meal without getting into a lot of hassle. All you need to do is decide whether you like them soft or hard.

Boiling eggs can be complicated for the reason that you do not find out whether you have boiled them well until you cut, open, and check the end product. However, through proper guidance you can boil the eggs properly.

Go through the steps below to know how to hard boil eggs.

Things you will need to boil eggs:
–  Large Sauce Pan
– Water
– Salt
– Vinegar
– Eggs (as many as you would like to boil)
– Stove
– Large Ladle
– Large Spoon
– Bowls


  • 1

    Place the eggs in sauce pan

    Take a large sauce pan and gently place the raw eggs in it.

    Note: Set the eggs aside at room temperature for a few minutes before you place them in the sauce pan for cooking.

  • 2

    Pour in water

    Now, pour in cold water until it covers the eggs completely.

    Note: Avoid both cold and hot water and make sure to use room temperature water. Eggs in cold water will take longer time to cook. On the other hand, if you use warm water, it will start boiling early and can overcook too early.

  • 3

    Add in salt

    Add in two table spoons of common salt that helps the proteins in the albumen (egg white) thicken faster, making the eggs easier to peel off at the end.

    Note: You can replace the salt with one tablespoon of vinegar.

  • 4

    Place the sauce pan on stove

    Now, cover the sauce pan and place it on a stove over a medium heat.

  • 5

    Wait until it starts boiling

    Wait for a few minutes and bring the eggs to boil.

  • 6

    Decrease the heat

    Reduce the heat once the eggs start boiling.

  • 7

    Simmer the eggs according to your requirement

    Now simmer the eggs for 2 to 3 minutes if you want soft-boiled eggs with runny yolk (egg’s yellow portion) and increase it to 5 to 6 minutes if you want mollet eggs with a little runny yolk. On the other hand, boil the egg for approximately 10 to 15 minutes if you want hard-boiled eggs with hard yolk.

  • 8

    Remove the eggs from boiling water

    Switch off the stove, remove the sauce pan from the stove and take out the eggs from boiling water with a large ladle or spoon.

  • 9

    Wait until the eggs cool well

    Set the eggs aside at room temperature until cooled well or place them in a bowl and run cold water over them to cool them more speedily.

  • 10

    Peel the eggs

    Once the eggs are cool enough to handle, peel them off properly.

    Note: You can also peel the eggs under running water.

  • 11

    Eat and enjoy!

    Now, slice the eggs or eat them as they are. Enjoy.

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