How to Buy United States Gold Currency

Gold coins remain a suitable source of financial investment due to little or no depreciation attached to them. While the United States no longer regulates the gold currency, it still exists and is popular among various households, and countries for that matter. The value of the gold coin will vary depending on its uniqueness but will be traded at a fair market value.


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    For of all, do you research on what type of gold coin you want to acquire. Your decision will be based upon the amount money you have. Although gold has its own advantages, as it will not lose its value and easily fend off any economic crisis, the fact of the matter is that gold will remain just a medium of exchange, or an asset which cannot be consumed.

    It will not help you earn dividends so knowing how much to invest will be the starting point. Research the web or check websites such as or, which provides updated value of gold in dollar form.

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    Your research will also help you decide the kind of gold coin you may invest in. These will include scrap gold coins which can be bought at a low price and kept until they appreciate in value. New coins are likely to be traded at the current market price with their value also rising with each passing day. However, relatively old coins will have collectors value attached to them.

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    Many countries produce their own bullion coins which can be purchased from various dealers or through specific state sources. The United States Mint creates its own bullion coins and this may be the smartest investment as they are the purest form of gold. They come is four sizes -  .10 oz, .25 oz, .50 oz, and 1 oz.

    The American Gold Eagle is the bullion coin of the US. Their value will depend on the prevailing market price as they have no collector value. However, numismatic coins are much more expensive, with their value determined by various factors – age and rareness.

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    Finding a reputable dealer may be tough if you do not have the knowledge about gold. Search the web for some dealers or look for first-hand sellers; those who possess the gold. The safest route may be the US Mint, where you can browse the online catalogue at

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