How to Care for a Breyer Horse

Breyer horses, model animals which are manufactured using cellulose acetate can be very expensive at times, especially when they are in good condition. All over the world, people collect Breyer horses as a hobby. If you plan to sell your collection of Breyer horses at some point in time, keeping them in prime condition will get you the best price.


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    Keep the Breyer horses in a safe place such as a locked cabinet of some place out of reach of children. After you are finished playing with a Breyer horse, remember to put it back at a safe location. If you leave it out on the floor, chances are that someone will step on the Breyer horse or accidently kick it, turning the Breyer horse to pieces.

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    Do not play with the Breyer horse on bare floor. It will immediately break into pieces upon falling on bare floor, even if it falls from a low height. On the other hand, if the Breyer horse falls on carpeted floor, the chances on its breaking are very low.

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    Scratches can destroy the look of a Breyer horse. Avoid rubbing a Breyer horse against a rough surface because the scratches on a Breyer horse are permanent and you will have to get the horse re-airbrushed to get rid of scratches.

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    To clean off accumulated dust, use a clean damp paper towel. Do not rub the Breyer horse too vigorously or you may end up with scratches all over it.

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    If you keep the Breyer horses in open sunlight for a long time, chances are that they will lose colour. When the colour on a Breyer horse fades, it effectively ruins the beautiful look, causing a considerable decrease in the value of the Breyer horse.

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    Prepare a mixture of four gallons water and one cup bleach. The water should be hot, not boiling. To keep the Breyer horses from turning yellow, keep them soaked in this mixture for at least 30 minutes. Repeat this technique every six months or so. Place the Breyer horses in open sunlight for about five to ten minutes to restore the horse to its original colour.

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    Keep in mind that Breyer horses are quite sensitive and may be damaged if played with frequently. Playing-rough with the Breyer horses can also lead to damage.

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