How to Choose the Color of your Braces

Braces are meant to make your teeth straight. But wearing unadorned braces make your smile a little dull so why not color them up? So let’s add some colors and get a little experimental! This will not only improve your smile but also add a little fun to it in a new way. Just imagine yourself walking out of the dentist’s clinic with a totally changed look and a cool smile!

But while choosing colors for your braces, it is usually better to ask your orthodontist about it as he will guide you better. Be careful as not every color is meant for you so if you go on applying colors blindly then chances are that you may look awful! Keep in mind that you will have to live with the chosen colors for some time period so undergo a little research before choosing your braces this time.


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    Color Wheel:

    Choose a nice color combination with a color wheel! This color wheel is a nice tool that will help you decide some nice color combinations that you can choose for your braces. Besides, there are some people who want to go totally colorless but in that case too, this color wheel comes in handy and helps you to decide what color best matches with the color of your teeth.

    Whatever color you choose this color wheel will help decide what color best suits you making your teeth less yellow!

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    Choosing color according to your eye color:

    This is another nice way to decide what color to choose for your braces. So choose a color or a combination of colors that goes with your eyes for instance, if you have got blue eyes then you can go for a dull blue!

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    Getting a Neat look:

    If you desire a neat look, then opt for the grey color. Mark my words, it will certainly look nice and decent. Or if you want to have an invisible or a neat look, then go for the color that goes with your teeth.

  • 4

    Get yourself noticed!

    If you want to get noticed and make yourself stand out when you talk or smile then go for the red color! It will really help you look even brighter!

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    Light shades:

    Many people love to go for lighter shades like light pink, yellow or green. However this too must be done with a little care! Did you know that choosing lighter shades on yellow teeth will make your teeth even more yellow? So if you are sure that your teeth are not yellow then you can safely go for the lighter shades!

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    Dark Shades:

    Darker shades are meant for all those who have got yellow teeth! Choose a little darker shade for your braces and make your teeth appear less yellow. So have darker color braces on your yellow teeth and smile often with an improved look. Don’t forget to keep your color complexion in mind while choosing darker shades!

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