How To Clean Soft Contacts

While contact lenses serve as a more cosmetically appealing alternative to wearing eye glasses, they are far more difficult to use than a pair of spectacles, which you can slip on and off with ease. In addition to mastering the art of putting them in, contact lens need to be handled with the utmost care in order to avoid unpleasant eye redness and irritations, or outright infections.

While contact lenses are available in both hard and soft varieties, it is the soft ones that are more popular by far. Soft contacts also branch out into several types – there are single-use ones that can be disposed of after one-time use, as well as more durable ones that last a couple of months or a year. It is the latter that need to be handled with excessive care and cleaned regularly, to keep your eyes healthy and to make the lens last you long.

The frequency of cleanings depends entirely on the type of lens you are using (daily wear contact lenses, hybrid contact lenses, or gas-permeable contact lenses) and it is advisable to consult your ophthalmologist in order to determine how often your lens need to be cleaned. However, cleaning is an essential part of using any contact lenses, as the eyes tend to be sensitive and require thorough care.

Things Required:

– Multi-purpose cleaner
– Contact lens case
– Saline solution


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    Start by washing your hands thoroughly, to ensure that they are clean, and free of any particles and debris that might scratch your lens, and/or make it into your eye.

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    Remove either the right or left lens (the order in which you do this doesn’t matter), and proceed to place it in the very centre of your palm. Make sure you keep track of which lens you’ve taken out, so you can place it in the correct compartment of your lens case after cleaning.

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    Put three to four drops of the multi-purpose contact lens cleaning solution on to the surface of the lens.

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    Using your index finger, rub the cleaning solution into the lens gently, for around 30-50 seconds.

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    Next, rinse the lens thoroughly with the saline solution – this will wash away any of the debris which was loosened up or removed during the previous step.

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    Finally, store it in a contact lens case filled with clean solution. Repeat the same process with the other lens.

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