How to Clean your Microwave with Vinegar

For how long is your microwave laying there in your kitchen grubby with all those stains of grease and oil? Do you know that a microwave must be cleaned regularly in order to extend its life? Everyone in the world who owns a microwave needs to get it cleaned on regular basis. People spend money to keep it cleaned with expensive solutions. However this can be done at home by making use of some household things. So don’t waste your time and money and clean your microwave now with our simple and trouble free vinegar cleansing recipe. And this is the simplest method ever that will clean your microwave oven in just seconds! Just take the vinegar jar from your kitchen shelf and use it in the cleaning process of your microwave oven. This is quite a straightforward yet cost effective way that won’t take you longer either. Also you will be able to wipe the stains off the microwave oven without much effort of scrubbing the stains over and over. Just dilute few drops of vinegar in water and let it microwave for a few minutes. This is a two way method of cleansing as it will not only remove stains but will also remove that nasty odour that you experience each time you open it. Here’s how you can do it:

Things Required:

– Microwave safe Bowl
– Mop
– Oven Mitten
– 2 tablespoons Vinegar
– 1 cup Water


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    Add the stated amount of water and vinegar in a microwave safe bowl and put it in the microwave. Now set the timer on 2 minutes and press start.

    Wait for a while until the microwave comes to rest and unplug the wire to avoid any mishap.

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    Next, open its door and take out the bowl using an oven mitten as it will be quite hot. The steam that will be emerging out will help you get rid of bad odour from your microwave. Now dip the mop in the water and vinegar bowl and start cleaning the places with food stains by moving your hand in circular strokes. Also wipe the glass plate and inside and outside of the microwave with this mop.

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