How to Control High Blood Pressure with Foods

High blood pressure is one of the greatest health risks that are posed to humans as it not only makes one irritated but also has some serious affects on your health and life expectancy. The quality of life also suffers and it is not pleasant whatsoever.

Along with medications, one can control it with the right lifestyle and food as well, particularly at the early stages. One must make sure that blood pressure is properly controlled and it should not take the better of a person’s life. The right foods can certainly help.


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    Make sure that you are fully committed to lowering your blood pressure. This will mean that you will have to consume many foods that you do not like and give up many that you love. A change in the way you eat will be crucial. So make the full commitment and stick to it.

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    Whole Grains

    Grains are the staple diet the world over in one form or another. However, with the advent of too many refined grains, there is a big problem. These do not provide us with proper nutrition and are unhealthy in nature. The only plus they offer is that they are easy to eat and may taste better in some cases. Eat whole grains as they will provide you with the most nutrition and some much needed fibre as well. So you can replace you pasta with whole wheat pasta and eat bran bread instead of white bread. It’s sure going to help.

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    Fruits and Vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables are the best kind of foods that a person can consume. Have them more than before as they will provide you with some much needed nutrients and vitamins. They are also great for have a full feeling as they too are rich in fibres. They will not only help in lowering your blood pressure but will have a good effect overall on your health as well.

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    Low Fat and Salt Foods

    Make sure that you consume foods that are low in salt and fat as both help in high blood pressure. High fat foods help you retain and even gain weight which is very unhealthy for someone suffering from high blood pressure. Even if it means that you have to give up your favourite foods, it is well worth the effort.

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