How to Cook on a Holland Grill

Holland Grills use propane as fuel and are known for their drip pan which prevents a fire flare-up while you are cooking. This make a Holland grill much safer to cook on than other grills available out there. However, to cook on a Holland grill, you will have to use a rather different technique than other gas grills. This is primarily because indirect radiant heat method is used for cooking in a Holland grill. Here is how you can safely cook on a Holland grill to make a delicious meal for friends and family.


  • 1

    There will be a safety valve located at the top of the propane tank. Turn on that valve. To prevent propane from accumulating in the grill, raise its cover.

  • 2

    Now you need to light the grill. Simply rotate the heating control knob located at the front of the grill clockwise after pushing the knob inwards. Simultaneously, press the igniter button.

  • 3

    The grill will be cold and needs some heating before you can cook on it. In order to heat the grill, simply lower the top cover after you have lit the grill. Leave the cover in the lowered position for approximately 5 minutes.

  • 4

    It is now time to get rid of grease and residual food accumulated on the cooking grate from the last time you used to grill. Use a metal bristle brush to properly clean the cooking grate and again lower the top cover for another 3 to 5 minutes.

  • 5

    After the grill is properly heated, raise its cover and place the food that you want to cook on the cooking mesh.

  • 6

    Lower the cover and let the food cook for approximately 10 minutes. While the food is cooking, do not open the top cover.

  • 7

    After 10 minutes, flip the side of the food that you are cooking in order to make sure that it is properly cooked at both sides. Of course you will need to open the cover of the grill in order to flip sides.

  • 8

    Give the food another 10 minutes of cooking time. Check and see if it is properly cooked or not. Give it a few more minutes of cooking time if it is not. Otherwise, remove it from the grill and serve it in a platter.

  • 9

    Shut off the burners by rotating the heating control knob counter clockwise. Make sure that you rotate the knob until you hear the sound of a click which means that the burners have been completely turned off.

  • 10

    Close the safety valve of the propane tank that you opened in the first step.

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