How to Cook on a Stove Top Grill

Normally, a stove top grill is simply a ridged griddle fitted over one or at the most two burners on your kitchen stove. The basic purpose of a stove top grill is to cook food by grilling it indoors because almost all other grill types are used outdoors. Remember that you can not cook delicate dishes such as barbecued pork on a stove top grill because of the fact that cooking on a stove top grill requires you to subject the raw food to direct heat. Here is how you can safely cook food on a stove top grill.


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    Depending on the design of your stove top grill, secure it over one burner or a couple of burners. In order to make the grill non-stick, brush it with cooking oil. Light the burners to heat the grill for approximately 5 minutes.

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    If it is meat that you will be cooking on the grill, get rid of excess fat. A lot of heat is produced in a stove top grill which will eventually result in lots of smoke when the excess fat burns. For this reason it is important that you trim the raw meat properly to remove as much fat as possible.

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    When the cooking grill is properly heated, place raw food on it. Make sure that you place the food in one layer. When one side of the food starts to cook, sear and flip it over.

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    Wait until the other side starts to cook and sear that side as well and flip the food over once again. Make sure you use tongs instead of spatula to handle food.

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    Bring the heat down to a medium level and continue to cook. Do not forget to flip the food continuously. Also, do not leave the food for a long period of time; otherwise it may burn on that side. Keep the heat on until the food is properly cooked.

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    Remove the food from the cooking grill and serve it in a platter. Make sure that you let the stove top grill to completely cool down before removing it from the stove burners. Clean the grill with a piece of damp rag.

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