How to Cook on a Weber Gas Grill

Gas grills are widely used for outdoor cooking. Does not matter if it is a beach outing or an outdoor party at home, you will need to make use of a grill in order to cook food easily and properly. There are many famous manufacturers of gas grills, Weber being one of them. Using a Weber grill to cook food is simple and does not involve any complexities. However, a few precautionary measures are necessary in order to cook safely on a Weber gas grill. Here is how to cook on a Weber gas grill.


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    If it is a new Weber grill that you will be cooking on, you first need to make sure that all parts are in proper place. Refer to the instruction’s manual that came along with your model of the Weber gas grill. On the other hand, if the grill has been used for cooking in the past as well, you need to get rid of accumulated fat or grease on the cooking grill. Use a grill brush to scrub off grease and fat leftover from the last time you cooked on the Weber grill.

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    Place the grill away from any inflammable materials and spray the cooking grill with cooking spray in order to make sure that food does not stick to the grill while you cook it.

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    Raise the cover of the grill and turn on the supply of propane gas by opening the valve on the propane tank. Light the grill by pressing the ignition switch for a number of times. If you are unable to light the grill by pressing the ignition switch, use a lit matchstick instead.

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    Turn on all the burners that you will need. To preheat the grill, close the top cover and wait for approximately 15 minutes.

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    When the grill is properly heated, place the food that you want to cook on the cooking grill. Make sure that you spread the food in a single layer. To ensure uniform grilling, keep flipping sides. This will also prevent the food from burning. If you feel that the food you are cooking is turning brown too quickly on the outside, lower the heat.

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    When the food has been cooked properly, remove it from the grill. Clean the grill to remove leftover particles of food.

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