How to Cook on an Infrared Burner

There was a time when infrared burners were only used by restaurants to cook food quickly. The high costs associated with the burners did not allow the average home grillers to afford them. However, this is not the case anymore and one can easily buy the infrared burners from the market at affordable rates. These burners are used to grill the food at different temperatures, even up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is really high compared to that offered in standard gas or charcoal grills. The high temperature allows you to sear the large pieces of meat, which is almost impossible to do with standard grills.


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    Turn on the gas valve installed in the gas tank, in order to allow the gas to reach the infrared grill. Now press the ignition button and check if the flame is lit. Sometimes, pressing the button once may not light the flame. Therefore, you may need to press it once or twice again, or even more if required.

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    You will need to wait for around 5 minutes for the infrared burner to get warmed up. Some burners warm up in just 1 minute. However, it is recommended that you should wait for at least 5 minutes, until you are not familiar with your new infrared burner.

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    Depending on your requirements, set the temperature of the burner using the temperature controller on the burner.  If you want to sear the outer side of the piece of the meat, then you should try to set the temperature high, around 1000 degree Fahrenheit. On the contrary, if you want the meat to cook gradually, then you will have to set the temperature quite low, such as to around 450 degree Fahrenheit.

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    You can also adjust the temperature at any time while you are cooking. For instance, if you want to the meat to cook slowly after it is seared properly from the outside, then you should reduce the temperature from 1000 to 450 degrees at your desired time.

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    When you find that the food is ready and grilled as per your requirements, then you should remove it from the grill using tongs. Now close the gas valve on the gas tank and allow the grill to cool down completely.

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