Steps to Create a Recipe File

If you have several recipe cards lying in your drawer, when the time comes to cook what you desire, you might not find the right recipe. It gets frustrating seeking the recipe you want among several recipes spread all over the drawer or placed under some papers. You need to make an index system in order to organise your recipes. By this you will easily find the recipe you want to make on a particular day.

Just get hold of certain things which you will need in order to make a recipe file. Later, you will only have to concentrate on maintaining it. People tend to lose interest after they have made a recipe file; try not to do that.

Things Required:

– 3-ring binder
– Clear plastic sheet protectors
– File divider tabs


  • 1

    Categorize recipes

    You need to think by which type you want to categorize the recipes. It can be either by food type, family member favourites or even meal type. Remember to make categories which make sense or by which you can easily differentiate or choose your desired recipe.

  • 2

    Sort the recipes

    Next you need to sort out the recipes according to what type you choose in the first step. You can place and set accordingly on a table or floor nearby.

  • 3

    Discard what you do not want

    After placing them on a table, you can get rid of the recipe cards which you do not need any more. You can also save these recipes and place them in a different category in the end.

  • 4

    Alphabetical order

    You can place your recipes in alphabetical order in their separate stacks. Remember to keep stacks according to the number of categories you choose.

  • 5

    Use sheet protectors

    You need to place each recipe in sheet protectors and then bind them together in three ring binders. Avoid using both sides as this will complicate things.

  • 6

    Use dividers

    Next you should place dividers between each category and then label your categories.

  • 7

    Table of contents

    You should make table of contents in which every recipe and their category will be jolted down. By this you can easily find which recipe you want.

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