How to Decorate a Kitchen With Pottery

Pottery refers to the activity of making clay ornaments by hand. The ornaments, pots or vases that are made this way are also referred to as pottery. The use of pottery started in 7000 B.C, and in ancient times, people used to cook and serve in utensils made up of clay. However, now a days, metallic kitchen ware has replaced traditional pottery pieces, since the former are more durable. Delicate and fragile pottery pieces are now mostly used for ornamental purposes. Finding unique and beautiful pottery pieces is no doubt a tough task, but they really bring a warm and inviting effect to your kitchen decor.


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    Be on the look out for pottery

    Great pottery is often found accidentally, just keep your eyes open whenever you visit the market or exhibitions. Craft shows are the best place to find unique and antique pottery pieces, so try not to miss a craft show in your home town. Trade markets are also great but they often sell goods in batches. Antique dealers and local flea markets are also good places to look for pottery.

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    Decorate your kitchen accordingly

    Pottery pieces usually give a warm and traditional effect and that image should reflect in your kitchen’s decor as well. Paint your kitchen walls with neutral colours, but make sure it gives a warming effect. Pottery pieces go really well with greenery, so try to acquire indoor plants for your kitchen. Small plants will not only make the pottery prominent but will also add to the warm and inviting environment of your kitchen.

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    Look for useable pottery pieces

    Pottery pieces these days are used mostly for ambiance and ornamentation, but it would be best to have a pottery collection which you can put to use as well. A lot of pottery pieces can be used to serve food and beverages etc. At times however, the paint or gloss used for finishing purposes does not tolerate hot or cold items, limiting the use of pottery. Hence, it is necessary to carefully read the warning labels when buying a pottery piece.

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    Display your pottery collection

    You can display pottery anywhere in the kitchen and it will look great as long as it has been set up to compliment the overall look. A pottery vase could be used to hold fresh flowers, or can be placed on the top of a shelf as well as in a glass cabinet. Display fruits and vegetables in shallow pottery bowls. You can also hang plates and shallow bowls on the kitchen walls, but make they are not placed in the way.

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