How to Decorate a Living Room

Decorating a living room can not only improve the quality of life, it can also save lot money, while also giving you an opportunity to test your creativity. However, if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about getting the various colours and setting combination right, you can end up in destroying the whole look rather than improving it.

There are many ways through which you can decorate your living room, but the important thing here is to make a plan first, do some research and then start off.


  • 1

    Hang a collection

    A good method to add some spark to the room is by hanging glossy plates made of silver or some other metal. These plates should be put at that part of the room, which you really want to show off.

  • 2

    Place flower vases

    Get your hands on some beautiful vases and place fresh flowers in them to enhance decoration. You can also use artificial flowers.

  • 3

    Use textured paints on the wall

    Go for the textured paints on different walls. It is not necessary that you stick to a single colour.

  • 4

    Use wall pictures

    Select few beautiful drawings and morals and place them on the wall in such a way that the colour combination is appropriate.

  • 5

    Use plain colour sofas

    Sofas in plane colours are generally recommended for the living room. This allows more focus on the decorations in the room.

  • 6

    Use wild print cushions

    With the sofas in plain colours, it is a good bet to use cushions with wild print to create a good contrast. For example, stripped cushion in zebra lining.

  • 7

    Use transparent tables

    Try to use transparent tables. They tend to add more space to the room.

  • 8

    Use rugs instead of carpets

    Addition of tactile elements to the floor enhances its overall look. In this regard, there are two options – carpets and rugs. For living rooms specifically, rugs are the better option because with carpet an element of stagnation can emerge which does not go well with the whole concept of innovative decoration.

  • 9


    Lighting is the most important aspect when you want to improve the look of any room, let alone the living room. The lights should be appropriately placed like on top of wall hanging, on the ends where something unique is placed. In the same manner you can choose to darken that part of the living room which is devoid of something attractive. Lamps of different sizes can be used to illuminate the various parts of the room.

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