How to Design Your Kids Dream Room

Your children need a room that they love to spend time in. Unlike the design of whole house is according to, your kids’ room should reflect their personality. Your kids should have everything they desire in room which will make it their dream room. A child’s room is like their safe haven and decorating their room according to their wishes will make it even special.


  • 1

    Discuss with your child

    First of all you need to take considerations of what your kid desires. Sit with them and get information about their favourite places, interest, favourite colours, activities etc.  Then discuss with them the theme of their room. You can give a soccer theme or Barbie theme.

  • 2

    Make a floor plan

    Next you need to make a rough floor plan of your child’s room. You need to decide where to put bed, dressing room, desk, mirror and any other furniture present in your kid’s room.

  • 3

    Give away old and obsolete things

    You need to check out for things such as old toys and worn out clothes. Donate them to any charity centres. Remember to ask your child before donating any other stuff. They might look old but may have important significance for your child.

  • 4

    Get new furniture

    You can get new furniture for your child’s room. If you have a girl then white or pink-painted furniture will look great. For boys you can get darker coloured furniture.

    Take help from furniture showroom as they will best decorate and place it. You can also get a car-shaped bed for you boys.

  • 5

    Clear out the room

    You need to get everything out from your kid’s room before re-decorating. You should take out their precious items including instruments first. Then place their stuff such as toys, clothes, books in separate boxes. You can put stationary and hair accessories in labelled plastic bags.

    After taking everything out, you should clean the room with a vacuum or simply mop the floor.

  • 6


    After cleaning the room, you need to paint the walls according to the desires of your child. You can give a space colour theme by painting black and silver or Barbie theme by painting pink. You can also give sporty look or draw footballs or flowers on the walls of your child’s room.

  • 7


    You need to get carpet or flooring according to the colour of the room.

  • 8

    Bring furniture

    You need to place furniture now. If you have bought new furniture then you can move them in now.

  • 9


    In the end you need to accessorize your child room. You need to install curtains, fancy lights, blinds and bedding. You should adapt different styles while decorating.

  • 10

    Put things back

    After accessorizing, you need to put all the things back.

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