How to Dress Like Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu has proved herself to be an exceptional talent. Whether one is talking about her acting skills, her modelling career, her narration skills, her skills as a film producer, or simply her personality, there is nothing but good things to say about her.

Over the years, Liu has established herself as a fashion icon for girls around the globe. She clearly has an excellent taste and has the ability to make her dresses look even more gorgeous by carrying them really well.

If you want to dress like Liu, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.


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    You will often find Liu in fitted, tailored jackets, paired with pencil skirts, slacks, tulip skirts or jeans. While she does carry herself exceptionally well in such clothes, the key thing to notice here is the fitting of her clothes. Even though there are a large variety of readymade clothes available in boutiques that can go pretty well with your body type, there is nothing that is more perfect than tailored clothes. Even the jeans that you wear should be hugging your legs and rear end like a second skin.

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    Tailored and consequently fitted, crisp blouses are a regular for Liu. If you want the same feminine and sophisticated look as her, you should opt for the same type of blouses. The design of the blouse does not matter as much as the fitting. It is best to match the blouse with the skirt, which of course will be fitted as well. If you are going with jeans, then you should not worry too much about the colour. Blue jeans in particular can go with pretty much any blouse. If you want to bring attract attention to your petite waist, then accessorise your blouse with a belt.

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    Go for solid colours. It is not like Liu does not have the confidence to wear bold colours or lacks the ability to carry them off well. She just seems to prefer solid colours such as black or white. She is often seen in other colours such as shades of beige, or even bold colours such as purple, thus proving that she can wear and carry bold colours well. You should keep this in mind while shopping for a formal or even casual dress.

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    Do not accessorise yourself with too much jewellery. You will not find Liu wearing bracelets or bangles, or anything of that sort. Instead, she is seen wearing dangly earrings and a simple necklace on the red carpet. She accessorises her casual dresses with a scarf, fedora or a pageboy cap.

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    Liu is often seen wearing large sweaters. You can make yourself look really cool in such feminine sweaters. Make the sweaters even more feminine and sensuous by belting them.

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