How to Generate Good Karma

Whether you are religious or not, there is barely any doubt in the fact that only by doing  good will it return to you. People can call it the law of nature or of God, but it is how the system continues to work.

The only way to be successful is to do good to others and through the kindness of deeds with a clear heart, mind and soul. Intentions are extremely important when needing to generate good karma and there are many ways to do so and ultimately help you in the search for true happiness.


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    Always Feel Blessed

    Do not ever curse your luck. Try to be grateful all the time, and feel or tell yourself how blessed you are in many ways. An example of this is always look down on people who are less fortunate and think yourself in a far better and more blessed position. There is no solution to anything if you start cursing yourself and your luck all the time. Do not be complaining and feel you have the best of all in the world.

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    Acting With Love and Compassion

    Try to act with compassion and love to your family members, friends, neighbours, to all your social circles and even to strangers. This will inspire others and they will treat you with love and compassion in return. Love is the most powerful thing and if you act with love, even your enemies can become friends to you.

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    Search Inside Yourself for Motives

    Intention is the first step in the process of doing bad things. It is better to always check yourself about your intentions and motives. Do not ever try harm anyone intentionally, because a mistake can be rectified but when you harm someone intentionally it is really a bad thing. This reflects you are a habitual wrong doer and you can harm anyone next. Always warn yourself against bad motives and think as good about others as you do about yourself.

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    Learn To Forgive

    It is not necessary that if you do good to people, they will always do good to you in return. They can harm you sometimes, either mistakenly or at purpose. Whether or not they apologise to you, you should be able to forgive them. This is a big gesture of kindness from you and it elevates you from within and among others, since forgiving is not always easy. It is really a bold step. It is also an opportunity to make yourself feel elevated and better among your enemies and it is possible that they refrain from the course of harming you and instead become your friends.

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