How to Get Kitchen Tools to Be a Raw Foodist

If you think that raw food is just raw fruits and vegetable, then you are completely wrong.

The concept is much wider than you think and different fresh items can be combined together in a bid create sophisticated and gourmet dishes that you usually find in five start hotels and restaurants.

So, if you want to become a raw foodist, then you will need different kitchen items that you will use to show your creativity when it comes to making different types of food using fresh fruits and vegetables. Chopping tools, blender, juicer and dehydrator are known as some of the most important tools in the kitchen for a raw foodist.


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    Chopping tools

    Most of the raw foodists eat too many chopped vegetables. Therefore, you, as a raw foodist, need to have high quality chopping tools present in your kitchen, which you use to chop vegetable quickly and efficiently. You can visit a nearby market and purchase a high quality stainless steel chopping knife, along with a wooden chopping board.

    You can also go for any material when buying chopping board, however, wooden board is said to be best when chopping vegetables. There are many other chopping tools that you can use for chopping purpose. However, you, as a beginner, should start with just the chopping knife.

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    You should also consider purchasing a high quality blender to make it a part of your kitchen appliances. As a raw foodist, you will have to create luscious beverages using fresh fruits.

    Here, you should avoid going for any cheap blender, you will need to crush ice at times, it order to make a smoothie, and a cheap and low quality blender will not serve your cause.

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    Drinking organic fruit and vegetable juices is a great way to enjoy having healthy enzymes and antioxidants without eating too many fruits and vegetables. You can find different models of juicers available in gourmet kitchen stores, department stores and even online. You should always try to purchase one that is easy to use, and easy to clean.

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    A dehydrator works as an oven for a raw foodist, as it gives a cooked taste to a raw food without exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating raw food above this temperature makes the food to lose enzymes that are important for health.

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