Procedure for Applying Mozambique Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa

Mozambique displays some of the spectacular and amazing sights that create special attraction for the tourist willing to make their tour in a unique location. Due to its rich culture and diverse traditions, the tourism industry is at its peak in Mozambique. Although the Canadian citizens have special attraction in Mozambique, they do not have any representation of the Mozambique in Canada. They need to consult its Embassy working in Washington D.C. for the application of the tourist visit visa. However, the standard procedure for the application remains the same. This step by step guide to get Mozambique tourist visit visa from Ottawa will help those who find it difficult.


  • 1

    Visa Exempted Countries

    If you are the national of the following countries, you do not need a visa to enter to Mozambique.

    a)      Swaziland
    b)      South Africa
    c)       Tanzania
    d)      Botswana
    e)      Malawi
    f)       Mauritius
    g)      Zimbabwe
    h)      Zambia

  • 2

    Application Form

    You can get an application form by making a physical visit to the visa section of the Mozambique Embassy in Ottawa. Also you can download it from the link given below.

    Click to Download Visa Application Form.

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    You will need to have the following things to be eligible for the Mozambique Visa from London.

    a)      Valid Passport with at least six months to expiry date.
    b)      Sufficient funds that should be equal to expenses expected use in Mozambique.
    c)       Visa Fee.
    d)      Two photographs that should be in light colour background.
    e)      Self Addressed, registered prepaid, return envelope

    If you are the citizen of country other than Canada, you may have to provide additional documents that may be one or all of these.

  • 4

    Visa Fee

    The visa fee is different for the different type of visa. Fee is given below:

    Visa Type:                             Same Day Processing     2 Days Processing            3 Days Processing

    Single Entry Visa                         $80.00                               $70.00                                $60.00
    Double Entry Visa                     $110.00                             $100.00                               $90.00
    90 Day Multiple Visa               $120.00                             $100.00                               $90.00

    Fee can be submitted in cash or by postal order made payable to the name of the “Embassy of Mozambique in Washington D.C”. Personal Checks are not accepted.

  • 5

    Submission of Application Form

    Application form can only be submitted by postal service. You need to submit application with self-addressed, prepaid return envelope to get your visa back.

    Click to Locate the nearest post office.

    Visit FedEx Canada Website
    Visit UPS Canada Website

    Visit DHL Website

  • 6

    Processing Time

    Time of processing of your application depend the type of service you want. There are three types of services available. You can choose from Same Day processing, two days processing or three days processing Services. Normal application can take up to three days for processing excluding the time that will be required for the postage services.

  • 7

    Receive Visa

    Your visa will be submitted back to you via postal service. You will receive it on the address that you provided at the time of application submission.

  • 8

    Check List

    Before submitting your application, check the following documents:

    a) Passport
    b) photograph
    c) Letter from your employer
    d) Health insurance
    e) Itinerary and hotel reservation
    f) Print out of receipt from online application

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