How to Get Tax Refund Fast and Instant

Getting your tax refunds instantly depends on one general rule – file your tax returns as quickly as possible. While there were companies earlier which provided tax refunds after charging fees, the Internal Revenue Service has now opened the door for a quick refund through their e-filing procedure.


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    Gather all the necessary documents and file early. You don’t need to wait until the cut-off to file your tax income, which is April 15. As soon as you gather all your documents, which will include your 2-form or any employment statement, mortgage statement, student loan documents etc, file it. The faster you assemble the information, the better chances you will have of beating others. Tax agencies are filled with dozens of request in April so prepare everything well in advance.

    You can further hire a professional to manage your returns. This way you are not only saving your own time but are further minimizing chances of errors and misinterpretations. There are software available to prepare taxes as well.

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    Use the electronic filing procedure (E-file) when submitting your tax returns with the IRS.  When you take this route, your request is instantly received by the tax agency, further reduces the processing time. Moreover your information is likely to be secure. As for the mailing procedure, it may take at least a week for your request to reach the concerned department. The IRS has its own FreeFile software, where people who are earning less than $57000 can e-file without paying any charges. Those earning higher salaries can use the Fillable Forms, which are an online version of the traditional filing method. Those choosing this route can expect a refund within 14 working days.

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    Another alternative to e-filing is using direct deposit. Having filed your returns, you can opt for a refund through a direct deposit where the tax agency deposits the money into your account, instead of mailing the check to you. This way, you can get a refund in less than 10 days.  At first, one could further apply for refund anticipation loan, but it has since been closed down. However, such services are being offered by banks where they will offer you checks in the amount you will get in refunds.  However, this service will not be free and charges could mount in the region of $50.

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