How to Join the Catholic Church

Catholic Church is the largest church of the Christian denomination, commonly known as Catholicism (or those who believe in and follow the Catholic Church). Being the largest church in Christianity and having its presence in almost every country of the world, hundreds of thousands of Christians associate themselves with it, becoming members of the Catholic Church. Since a large number of women, men, the young and elderly show interest in becoming permanent members of the church, it sometimes makes it difficult for many interested people to get the membership. The process of accepting members goes on with a weekly gathering called Catechumenate.


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    Look for a Catholic Church that is near your accommodation as it will make it easy for you attend the gathering, prayers and other events on a regular basis. This is an ideal situation, but most of the people find it difficult to locate a church close to their home. Another aspect that you should keep in mind is that how comfortable you feel at the church you have just set your sights on. Feeling comfortable at particular church will be good for your spiritual needs as you can concentrate well on your prayers and other rituals.

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    As the next step, you should see a Catholic inquiry session. Catholic inquiry sessions are held on a regular basis in all the Catholic Churches and they are a good platform to get necessary information about church services, priests, prayers and other activities. The session is also held for those willing to become members of the Church as they are provided with necessary information on how to go about filling out the forms.

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    Be sure to tell the priests or the concerned officials at the Church that how long you have been a Catholic. The membership criteria may vary from candidate to candidate. The Church will ask you questions like whether you have got any sacraments or not in the past. They will also ask you if you are an old or new Catholic. So be prepared to answer such questions as they will play a key role in making you qualify as the possible member of the Church.

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    Participate in Catechumenate. Catechumenate is a gathering held for unbaptized Catholic Christians. People attending the gathering are required to spend a year or two. Those who have already been baptized might be required to spend less time than those still unbaptized.

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    Find a sponsor who will act as a mentor and listener. Choosing a sponsor from Catholic Church community is a must.

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