How to Keep Kosher at Home

Keeping Kosher in home is important to many Jews. The Kosher symbol on food is used to check whether the food is Kosher or not.


  • 1

    Orthodox rabbi

    You need to call orthodox rabbi to your house. After he arrives, tell him to kosher your kitchen.

  • 2

    Avoid eating food of forbidden animals

    You should avoid eating flesh or eggs which came from forbidden animals. In addition to this, you should also need to avoid specific parts of the permitted animals.

  • 3

    Eat permitted animals which are slaughtered according to Jewish laws

    In case of permitted animals, you need to eat flesh from only those animals which are slaughtered according to the Jewish laws.

  • 4

    Use separate utensils for meat and dairy

    You should use different utensils for meat and dairy. If the utensils in which you cook kosher foods come in contact with other foods then do not use them.

  • 5

    Drain out blood before eating meat

    Make sure that you have taken or drain out all blood from the meat before you cook them.

  • 6

    Check vegetables thoroughly for bugs

    Vegetables are kosher but bugs and insects are not allowed. Thus you need to check your vegetables carefully especially broccoli and cauliflower.

  • 7

    Grape products made by Jews only

    You can eat or drink grape products but make sure they are made by Jews.

  • 8

    Buy foods with kosher symbol

    Whenever you are buying food products whether frozen or not, seek for the kosher symbol on it. If the product has the symbol then you can eat. Nowadays many food companies have attained kosher certification. Thus you can easily to buy and consume kosher food products.

  • 9

    Any kind of food can be Kosher

    Best thing to do is to buy kosher cook books. However, you can also alter non-kosher recipes by making the food according to Jewish laws. You can cook any type of food ranging from Chinese to Indian.

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